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Levis commuter jacket with Google’s Jacquard tech lets you control smart-devices with hand gestures

Levis commuter jacket with Google’s Jacquard

In spring 2017, Levis would be releasing its commuter jacket that integrates Google’s Jacquard technology. The sleeves of this jacket turns into touch-sensitive panel and lets commuters control their electronic devices, access navigation prompts, information about nearby places, answer calls, change music etc. by gesturally touching jacket’s sleeve. Jacquard, developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Progress (ATAP) wing, was first revealed at Google’s I/O development conference in May last year, and now it has found its way into textile industry. ATAP wing is the one working on radar-assisted sensors to translate hand movements to set of commands for electronic devices. Read More…

Smartphone-controlled Heated Jacket from Sinapsi Technologies

heated jacket 2

Italy-based company, Sinapsi, has taken its smartphone-controlled Heated Jacket to crowdfunding site Kickstater in hope to get backers to fund its €50,000 goal. The jacket features heat-generating panes powered by a removable 8,000 mAh battery pack that can offer heating up to 10 degree Celsius. In a single charge, it can operate for about 10 hours to keep you warm in coldest of conditions. Read More…