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Segway-styled rideable Olive suitcase is a smart travel companion

olive-robotic suitcase

If you have been following personal mobility transformation closely, you’ll know, smart suitcases you can tug along remotely or ride are pretty common of late – but they are still far from being intelligent. An Iran-based robotics company Ikap Robotics has just made that possible in the Olive robotic suitcase. Olive is a Segway-style, self-balancing luggage that lets you ride on two wheels using 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. When you have just too much to walk from the entry gate to the boarding area, simple hop onto the Olive’s foot rest and let it ride you at walking pace to your destination. Read More…

TraxPack: A smart wheeled bag with tank-tracks to deal with stairs

Wheeled suitcase is easy to maneuver, but becomes tedious to drag up on stairs. The wheeled bags nowadays are coming with features like smartphone charging and smart-lock, but TraxPack has more to offer. The TraxPack has location tracking powered by GSM and GPRS, two ports for charging portable devices, and an integrated scale that lets user measure their luggage weight and manage it accordingly, like in against airline requirements.
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NUA Robotics suitcase follows you in a busy airport to save the hassle

NUA Robotics smart suitcase_1

There have been a lot of smart suitcase designs around and most of them are smartphone-connected. Some are even smart enough to follow you around in the airport or notify when you’ve lost it somewhere in a busy transit. The NUA Robotics suitcase is upping the bar for suitcase technology and is more practical on all the others so far. This smart suitcase developed by Israel-based NUA Robotics is currently in prototype stage and they are looking to tie-up with a premium suitcase maker to bring it to the masses.
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Smartphone-controlled Space Case 1 suitcase is ideal for geeky travelers

Space Case 1 suitcase

This suitcase is definitely made for the geeky section of the community who just can’t do away with their gadgets. Up on Kickstarter platform for funding, the project has already surpassed the funding goal by almost four times with 24 days more to go. The maker claims it to be the most advanced smart suitcase ideal for frequent travelers who like to carry a bunch of gadgets with them and looking for more than just a simple suitcase since it is smartphone-controlled with both iOS and Android phones.

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Hop automatic moving suitcase follows you wherever you go

What would be the next step in evolution of a suitcase? A self-driven one which follows its user at the airport so that one has to never ever bother about lost luggage. Rodrigo Garcia has invented prototype version of a suitcase called Hop that follows its user wherever he/she goes. The design is intuitive and it also made to final leg of James Dyson Award purely because of its application in the various situations like if you have lost your suitcase and if it happens to be the Hop, you will find it in no time. Boosted with three build-in sensors which triangulate position of the user’s mobile phone which is sending signals via an app, Hop suitcase automatically starts to follow the user. Movement of the suitcase is actuated by a microcontroller which provides input for the caterpillar system having compressed air.
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