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Economical smart fabric that generates electric current by motion

power generating fabric

The intense competition between companies and independent innovators to come up with energy efficient wearable tech is one of the trending concepts these days. Even more so is the trend of fabric embedded with sensors and electricity generating material that will pave way for future gadgets. Sang-Woo Kim, a material scientist at the Sungkyunkwan University and his fellow researchers have created a textile patch that when attached to the arm produces electric energy.
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WMC 2014: Smart Sensing Digital Shirt takes body fitness to the next level

Smart Sensing technology

Cityzen Sciences, a French company along with a consortium of other companies has come up with a smart textile shirt called Smart Sensing Digital Shirt which is capable of sensing the person’s temperature, sleep pattern, heart rate, speed and acceleration. Embedded with micro-sensors the fabric of Smart Sensing Digital Shirt is tailor-made for sports activities and fitness regimes. Smart Sensing Digital Shirt was shown-off at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain where people got the chance to see how this wearable technology application really worked.
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