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Build a cool DIY mini USB fan for your smartphone

USB fan for smartphone

Mini USB powered fans are available in abundance. You can buy one online, and there is nothing extraordinary in it. But creating your own DIY mini USB fan that can work with any smartphone is real fun. Creative Channel has posted a video showing step by step construction of a homemade USB fan. All you need is an OGT cable, coreless Motor 7×20 mm, heat shrink tubing, 5,5 centimeter propeller, 12Ω resistor, 0,8 mm fine wire, some paint, and soldering equipment. The entire project would take about one hour of your time, which would be worth it. Go through the video, and you’ll find it pretty easy to do –it-yourself.
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Crazy Case Batmobile – Cool looking case cover for your iPhone 6

Crazy Case Batmobile case cover for your iPhone 6

Got bored with the usual iPhone 6 cases out there? Then you got to consider draping your Apple iPhone 6 in this Batmobile Tumblr case by Bandai from Japan, who have made such cool cases for iPhone 5/5S too. Similar to the Bandai iPhone 5/5S case, the Batmobile iPhone 6 case has a really cool look and comes with nifty changes and additions when compared to previous versions. Dubbed as Crazy Case Batmobile, this iPhone 6 case lends your smartphone a very cool look and premium protection.
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Prynt case turns your smartphone into a Polaroid camera

Prynt smartphone case

Want to turn your smartphone into a cool Polaroid camera that prints instant pictures of precious moments with your friends? Then you got to have a look at the Prynt case that morphs your smartphone into a color printing camera. This cool accessory for your Android or iOS smartphone plugs-in directly to the smartphone and then gives you the option to print any picture that you want instantly, just like a Polaroid camera. In a way you can call your smartphone a Polaroid camera which can print cool colored photographs instantly. Perhaps, the best thing that a selfie enthusiast would want.
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Say goodbye to bendgate with Gresso aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6

Gresso aluminum iPhone 6 case

Bumper case cover for iPhone 6

Amidst all the Bendgate fiasco iPhone 6 accessories seem to be pouring out in number, owing to the popularity of the Apple smartphone for so many years now. Gresso is looking to cash-in on the opportunity and has come up with a case for iPhone 6 that protects it from any bending or pulling out your hair which is called as the Hairgate issue. Gresso aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6 is lightweight and protects your smartphone from nay bending problems when kept in the pocket. To be precise the case can take on weight of 300 lbs via its 2mm back panel made from CNC machined aluminum which is highly resistant to compression and bending.
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Turn your iPhone 6 or Android smartphone into a microscope

gakken smartphone de microscope

The microscopic world that we can’t see with naked eyes is made visible using high-powered microscopes that reveal a mesmerizing world to our eyes. But not all of us can afford to buy a microscope just to have that once in a while look at the microscopic world. For such times your smartphone (Android or iOS) will do fine provided that you have the Gakken Smartphone de Microscope.
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iPhone 6 case that morphs your smartphone into a lush green field

iPhone 6 grass case cover

Apple iPhone 6 has had its fair share of limelight for good and not so good reasons like the Bendgate issue. Owing to the popularity of the smartphone it was pretty much evident that there were going to be many case covers that come up for this mobile device. But none is as surprising and kind of niche as this one. A case cover that gives you iPhone 6 the look of a lush green grassy surface that is smooth to touch and feel.
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Would you buy smartphone compatible HTC Re Camera for $200?

HTC has ventured out from its comfort zone and revealed a standalone Android and iOS digital camera that makes it easy to take pictures and shoot videos in a jiffy. HTC Re Camera is a compact little camera that extends the range to which you can click photos and made for normal geeks like you. It is positioned somewhere between a GoPro and your smartphone camera. It looks like an inverted inhaler, periscope or perhaps a cigar; and looks a bit odd to be frank since it has a roundish design that is more like a cylinder.

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Dirt cheap 3D printed microscope for your smartphone has 1000x zoom!

3D printed microscope for your smartphone by PNNL

So, how do you turn your smartphone or tablet into a high quality microscope capable of 100x, 350x or 1000x zoom levels? You get hold of a 3D printer and glass spheres that are dirt cheap. That is exactly what Rebecca Erikson from the U.S. Department of Energy’s PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) has done. This inexpensive and practical way to turn your mobile device(s) into high powered microscope is truly amazing and gives us one more reason to rejoice the invention called smartphone.
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iLuv Selfy smartphone case for shooting flawless selfies using rear camera

iLuv Selfy smartphone case

If you are obsessed with taking Selfies, then the chances are that you might never get enough of shooting yourself. The best one can do is to get an accessory that helps you in getting that much craved for picture to become the hot sensation of social-networks. iLuv Selfy smartphone case is the world’s first case cover that has an integrated wireless remote for triggering the shutter button of the phone when using the rear camera.
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