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Pebble Health is affordable and durable smartwatch maker’s native fitness app

Pebble health app

Recently Pebble went new with the Pebble Round smartwatch, and now it is venturing into the fitness applications. One thing that has refrained Pebble from being the go to smartwatch is lack of a native fitness tracker (users had to rely on third party fitness tracking applications until now). Not anymore. Pebble has now launched Pebble Health, its own native fitness tracking app for its affordable and durable smartwatches. Read More…

Nintendo unveils Miitomo – its first game for smartphones

Nintendo Miitomo

Mario fans have been duped, as Nintendo has unveiled Miitomo as its first game for mobile phones. The much anticipated first smartphone app was introduced by Nintendo during a press event with media and investors in Japan. Sadly, the release date for the game has been push back to March of 2016. Miitomo, which is designed to allow players to create their own avatars (Miis), and communicate with others users – how that counts for a game, I’m not sure. Read More…

NEC’s Smartphone app detects fake products to curb counterfeiting

NEC Duplicate Spotting Technology

NEC Duplicate Spotting Technology

In a world flooded with brands like Gucci, Luis Vuitton or Tommy Hilfiger; their fake counterfeits are minting money riding on the success of innumerable brands across the globe. So how do you make sure that you are not purchasing the counterfeit clothing from the well renowned brands across the globe? Well, scan their surface to find if it is the real deal or a fake one. Not only buyers, but the new technology developed by Japanese firm NEC is going to help retailers in unintentionally importing fake apparels. It can not only detect apparels, but anything right from a nail to automotive part!
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Researchers develop app that detects jaundice in newborns with a click

BiliCam app detects jaundice in newborns

Newborn babies are prone to jaundice. In order to let medics and parents detect jaundice in infants real early, researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have developed a mobile app, which helps diagnose jaundice in babies by clicking a picture. Called the BiliCam, the app uses smartphone camera, flash and a business card-sized color calibration card to provide information about the infant’s bilirubin levels. Read More…

Le Chal: The world’s first smart-shoe, to improve navigation for the visually impaired

Le Chal smartshoe_1

When it comes to devising useful accessories for the visually impaired, the Indians have surely showcased their creativity and expertise in the past few months. We are in fact already enticed by the Braille Smartphone and the Netra. And now we have come across the Le Chal – the world’s very first ‘smart-shoe’. The brainchild of two tech aficionados, Krispian Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma, the so-called intelligent footwear is designed as a haptic navigation device that takes the advantages of smartphones The user can regulate this smart-shoe via a voice recognition software that translates the commands into comprehensible electronic signals. Consequently, the activated smartphone app utilizes GPS to track the user’s location in real-time and feeds the data to the built-in actuator. So, when the user needs to make a turn, the shoe vibrates to direct him/her towards the destination.

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CES 2014: Mimo baby monitor gives real-time updates on infant’s vital aspects

Mimo baby monitor

Is this the wearable technology we have been waiting for? Well, Intel has joined in the CES party of wearable devices, and contrived what might be one of the most practical tracking conceptions for real-time scenarios. Designed in collaboration with Rest Devices, the contrivance entails a wearable tech onesie tailored for baby monitoring. Christened as the Mimo, the onesie comprises of a organic cotton kimono integrated with machine washable sensors (the green stripes). These special sensors are responsible for detecting and precisely measuring the baby’s respiration pattern.

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CES 2014: PowerUp 3.0 paper plane can be flown via smartphone

PowerUp 3.0

Controlling your paper planes from your smartphone? The lighthearted side of technology cannot get more gleeful than this. Tailor Toys LLC will introduce their so-named PowerUp 3.0, a smartphone-controlled flying contrivance in this year’s CES. The scope entails a special kit for paper-airplane conversion that allows you to make your own paper plane. You can then attach a smart module to the airplane, along with PowerUp’s patented clips. A dedicated smartphone app for Android and iOS connects to this module via Bluetooth, and lets you maneuver your paper construction on a remote basis.

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NASA scientist rolls out his holiday sweaters with ‘dynamic’ features

Digital Dudz  Christmas Fireplace Sweater by Mark Rober

A NASA rocket scientist making holiday sweaters? Well, by the spirit of Christmas, why not! Mark Rober, who has previously tickled our geek apparel fancy by creating his special Halloween props, has this time made his foray into the realm of sweaters. In normal circumstances, holiday sweaters are quite infamous for all the bad reasons; sometimes due to your granny’s gradual lose of knitting expertise, and sometimes due to their mundane motifs of reindeer and Santas.  However, Rober’s designs take a novel technological route by actually incorporating your smartphones into the mix. The results are surely noteworthy, with various ‘dynamic’ features like flickering fires and shifty eyed kittens showcased by the apparels.

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Athos: A body suit that tracks our muscles for optimizing workouts

Athos body suit

Forget apps; now we have come across a suit that senses and ‘tells’ you about your workout session! Designed by the Canadian duo of Dhananja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe, the so-called ‘Athos’ is a body-tight suit embedded with an array of minuscule sensors. These sensors helps in tracking our physiological attributes, ranging from heart rate, breathing pattern to even the magnitude of muscle outputs. The interesting thing is – the entire scope eschews the conventional medical route of determining how our internal muscle systems work. Instead, the Athos design opts for electromyography (EMG) that tracks the muscles in a more real-time ambit. This translates to precise mapping of our body attributes, and how they can be ‘optimized’ during those tiring sessions of workouts.

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NASA rocket scientist quits job to make cool smartphone actuated Halloween props

Digital Dudz iWound costume

Halloween will bring loads of fun and some creepy looking props that may scare some just like the Halloween Ghost Quad. We found yet another interesting Halloween prop that is tech savvy and looks pretty darn scary even in the day time. Created by a NASA rocket scientist Mark Rober, who quit his job to make this Halloween costume under the brand name Digital Dudz, this has to be one of the most interesting Halloween costume. The props offered by Digital Dudz are made from latex material and designed to hold any kind of smartphone that shows the scary visualization combined with the physical make-up.
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