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Nivea Men NOSE detects your body odor, saves you from embarrassment

Nivea Men Nose

Many men out there are not blessed with a musky odor, rather one that resembles rotten fish. Alright that was a bit too harsh, but go to your gym in the hot summer, and you’ll want hit the nearest window as soon as someone with a bad odor starts sweating. Nivea wants people with bad odor to realize that they are no charmers and that is why they have come up with a tech forward way to do it. Nivea Men NOSE smartphone case along with the Nivea NOSE app is going to sense your sweat, just like women who have more stench-smelling brain neurons.
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popSlate iPhone 6 case blesses your smartphone with a low-energy secondary display

iPhone 6 popslate case

So, just got your new iPhone 6 and looking for a case cover to protect the smartphone? Hang-on then, just don’t jump the gun and go for any ordinary iPhone 6 case out there. popSlate case cover for iPhone 6 makes any case cover out there look ordinary with its self-powered 4-inch E-paper screen (e-ink display) on the back panel which gives you an added screen for the phone. Of-course it acts as a case cover for protection and courtesy its own battery power, microcontroller chip and on-board memory.
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Protect your iPhone 6 from water, dirt, snow and shock with LifeProof fre case

LifeProof fre case for iPhone 6

Are you afraid of taking your iPhone 6 to an adventurous trip or a sports meet due to safety issues? Well, not anymore as a LifeProof case offering four-proof protection for your iPhone 6 is here. Manufacturer of protective and stylish cases for smartphones and tablets, San Diego-based LifeProof designs have come up with new iPhone 6 case. Called the LifeProof fre, it will offer super protection to your smartphone from water, dirt, snow and shock. The case is waterproof to accidental spills and splashes and is submersible to 2 meters for one hour. It also exceeds U.S. military standards for shock and impact protection and can survive drops from up to 2 meters.
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Prynt case turns your smartphone into a Polaroid camera

Prynt smartphone case

Want to turn your smartphone into a cool Polaroid camera that prints instant pictures of precious moments with your friends? Then you got to have a look at the Prynt case that morphs your smartphone into a color printing camera. This cool accessory for your Android or iOS smartphone plugs-in directly to the smartphone and then gives you the option to print any picture that you want instantly, just like a Polaroid camera. In a way you can call your smartphone a Polaroid camera which can print cool colored photographs instantly. Perhaps, the best thing that a selfie enthusiast would want.
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Rugged protection for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in your favorite color


Apple took to the stage and launched its new iPhones last week; now the world is anxiously waiting for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. With the phones in the hand, post the official launch on September 19, we will require protective cases. Otterbox, a name synonymous with rugged smartphone cases, is trying to bring a new touch of customization to its protective cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Otterbox will let new iPhone owners choose color combinations of cases for their iPhones. Read More…

DIY Iron throne for your smartphone

Iron Throne dock for smartphone

Game of Thrones has gripped audience worldwide and the Iron Throne has captured everyone’s imagination in this epic saga. As the Lannister’s and Targaryen’s fight it out in the quest for supremacy, one Game of Thrones fan has decided to make the throne her own. DIY expert [Merichuel] has made a mini iron throne for her smartphone from regular stuff like sponge, leather straps, spray paint and some sword-like sandwich picks.
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Hitcase iPhone case by S3 Performance turns your smartphone into a GoPro

S3 Performance Hitcase iPhone Case

There’s an inherent risk in taking a selfie while you’re in a kayak that’s floating in the middle of a lake or sea—your iPhone may get drenched in water. Even when you’re not close to large bodies of water, there’s always the risk that you may be caught in the rain unprepared which will most likely spell ‘game over’ for your iPhone if it comes into contact with the slightest contact with water. You should remember that any damage caused by liquids is not covered by Ap­ple’s warranty, so it’s best to opt for a protective casing such as the S3 Performance Hitcase, which is engineered for the ultimate adventurer.

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iLuv Selfy smartphone case for shooting flawless selfies using rear camera

iLuv Selfy smartphone case

If you are obsessed with taking Selfies, then the chances are that you might never get enough of shooting yourself. The best one can do is to get an accessory that helps you in getting that much craved for picture to become the hot sensation of social-networks. iLuv Selfy smartphone case is the world’s first case cover that has an integrated wireless remote for triggering the shutter button of the phone when using the rear camera.
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Interview: Suman Mulumudi, creator of Steth IO iPhone case that doubles as a stethoscope

Steth IO by Suman Mulumudi

A few weeks back we showed you one of the most innovative technology by a teenager that uses iPhone as a stethoscope. The Steth IO case for smartphone, developed by Suman Mulumudi who unearthed the hidden capability of iPhone’s microphone to detect heart beats very precisely, can even better a stethoscope. So we had to get an interview done with this ingenious kid who is on the course of making the most tech savvy stethoscope that you could ever imagine of. A stethoscope that is actually your iPhone case. So read on for what Suman had to say about our inquisitive queries and you’ll surely be amazed by his intellect.

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Steampunk smartphone case with cooling fans

Steampunk smartphone case

Hiroto Ikeuchi, the maker of Diorama PC case mod everytime seems to surprise us with his amazing creations. This time around he has managed to come up with a smartphone case that is incomparable to any other smartphone accessory in the market. A smartphone case which has the look of a geeky steampunk phone and is loaded with fans on top the battery, graphics board and lens for cooling down your phone while gaming. The original back cover of the phone has been removed and all this tech installation gives you phone a unique look.

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