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Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger powers your smartphone automatically with the slightest movements

Infinity Cell automatic charging case for iPhone 5

First came the physical charging options for your smartphone, then came the wireless charging options, and now there is one even better. Charging your smartphone as you move it, a.k.a. kinetic energy surely sounds cool and is just around the corner as an intuitive designer has come up with the world’s first kinetic charger up for funding on Kickstarter platform. Called as Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger by Ideation Designs LLC, it is a micro kinetic charger for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S that uses your energy generated by movement to generate electricity and juice up your smartphone. This high efficiency kinetic charger can be of great use in daily life, camping trips, adventure hikes and also as an alternative source of power in developing countries.
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DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire is fit for adventure trips

DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire

How many times have you come across a smartphone charger that vouches for portable charging credentials but is too costly for your pocket? This can be a catch 22 situation if you are an adventure freak and crave for exploring the nature’s glory 24×7. For this very reason Instructables user David Johansson created a smartphone charger that can charge up your smartphone or other power hungry gadgets with just fire. Yes, fire is the source of energy for the thermoelectric module called as the peltier element. Using his wits David came up with the DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire (thermoelectric generator) that charges your devices by getting the fire power from gas, charcoal, burner, candle light, camp fire, wood stove, spirit burner or even tea light.
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Solar powered BoostSolar portable charger for your gadgets

There isn’t a dearth of portable battery powered products for your gadgets but amongst all of them a solar powered backup battery pack for handheld devices surely stands out. Revealed a few days ago at the CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show), BoostSolar is a mobile power solution that provides battery backup to your devices by harnessing sun’s energy. Having a single solar panel featuring rechargeable5000+ mAh lithium ion battery, this portable battery charging kit is a reliable power source. You can charge it up via the sun’s energy in ten hours or through the Micro USB DC input in seven hours’ time.
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CES 2013: Magnetyze Magnetic Charging System works with Android and iOS smartphones

Finally a charging system that can be used for both Android as well as iOS smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 was shown off at the CES 2013. BuQu Tech Magnetyze magnetic Charging System makes use of patent-pending magnetics technology to charge, synchronize and turn in any direction without the need to take out the phone. The protective light-weight magnetize cover works with many Android and iOS smartphone models, thereby eliminating all the clumsy cables or cradles. Magnets are integrated into the case and desk stand as well which enables seamless attachment and simultaneously charging and data synchronization.

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World’s first paper notebook with integrated mobile charger and more

For geeks who like to take note of everything in a physical format, for example in written format on a notebook; this MiLi Power Notebook (HB-B24) is just the thing to buy. Deemed as the world’s first notebook with the ability to charge your mobile phone and other gadgets on the go, it has built-in input (USB2.0 port) and output cables (MiniUSB port) to charge up to two mobile phones simultaneously. The in-built battery pack can be charged with a 30-pin dock connector and for charging your smartphones, tablet or any other gadget the micro USB does the trick. LED indicators display the amount of juice left in this notebook’s battery and with an overall weight of 500 grams it is the best thing to carry around for charging your gadgets on the go.
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