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AirSelfie – tiny drone with built-in camera gives wings to your selfie craze

Airselfie drone

What does a selfie fanatic in you do when stretching the arm or flexing out the selfie stick cannot fit in all friends or family members in one shareable frame? If you may, you can opt for AirSelfie – a pocket sized drone with built-in HD camera that can hover in midair to capture every moment perfectly. AirSelfie can takeoff right out of the palm of your hand, hover in air controlled with a smartphone app, and be returned to rest in a custom phone case, wherein it can recharge for another round of selfies. Read More…

17-year old makes incredible phone controlled BB-8 robot at home

Smartphone controlled BB-8 droid_2

Angelo Casimiro is a 17-year old genius who likes to tinker around with electronics and his recent idea of making a smartphone-controlled Star Wars BB-8 robot is genius. He has made this robot for less than $100 from household items like beach ball and he surely knows how to work with Arduino and Arduino Uno. He is a die-hard Star Wars fan and now he wants to give all his followers a reason to smile with an extensive DIY that will amaze you for its sheer perfection. Moreover the droid is life-sized and you’ll wish it was yours. For that you’ll have to make one for yourself.
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This smartphone-controlled racing game is going to be on every kid’s bucket list

Anki Overdrive_1

Toys and video games have always been a kid’s favorite pass time, especially cars. We all have played with small toy cars and ones that run on custom-made tracks, also not to forget the current times where playing racing games on mobile devices is very normal. One toymaker company has combined both these loves into something that everyone would want for this Christmas. Anki Overdrive is a smartphone-controlled set of racing cars that you can drive on customizable tracks, and is nothing like the track racing toys you have seen so far.
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4k video shooting Snap Drone will become your next favorite toy

Vantage Robotics Snap Drone

We have so many drones out there for purchase, that making the right choice becomes a very difficult task. This quandary, however, is not the case with Vantage Robotics, a new kind of drone which has everything you want in a drone that can be taken anywhere. Snap drone is your UAV for every occasion and it is way simpler to operate than some of the other options in the market.
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Bounce Imaging Explorer – Panoramic camera rearing for its commercial release next month

Bounce imaging explorer camera

Two years is what it took for the smartphone-controlled spherical ball to get into the manufacturing and commercial release stage. Yes, the Bounce Imaging team’s hard work has paid off and now they are all set to level-up the law enforcement field with the Explorer. And it is not surprising that team developing Explorer took a lot of time in finishing the product and making sure it had practical utility for law enforcement and disaster management situations. Although the gadget was initially seen as a first responder’s accessory, it soon caught the eye of government agencies and was urged forward for law enforcement use.
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Smartphone-controlled Space Case 1 suitcase is ideal for geeky travelers

Space Case 1 suitcase

This suitcase is definitely made for the geeky section of the community who just can’t do away with their gadgets. Up on Kickstarter platform for funding, the project has already surpassed the funding goal by almost four times with 24 days more to go. The maker claims it to be the most advanced smart suitcase ideal for frequent travelers who like to carry a bunch of gadgets with them and looking for more than just a simple suitcase since it is smartphone-controlled with both iOS and Android phones.

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The Dark Knight Tumbler – RC vehicle every big boy would want to own

Smartphone controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy  Tumbler RC vehicle

Smartphone-controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler RC vehicle

When we talk of RC cars, they are everyone’s childhood toy and even adults love these toys for good reason. And when RC toy is a sci-fi vehicle from the superhero of Gotham city, it is perfect icing on the cake. By now you must have got the idea that we are talking about Batman and his desirable Tumbler vehicle. Soap Studio has come up with 1:12 scale version of the Tumbler vehicle that is controlled via your Android or iOS mobile device.
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Your smartphone can detect a major earthquake, making tremors more predictable

Smartphone Earthquake Early Warning System

Natural disasters like Earthquakes can have a significant damage to life and property, as was demonstrated by the magnitude 9 earthquake that shook Tohoku-oki, Japan in 2011. Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) systems play a pivotal role in minimizing damage to life and property by issuing distress warning, so that one can get those few extra minutes to escape before damage is incurred. But not all countries or regions can afford these costly scientific-grade EEW’s, so scientists had to come up with an alternative. A study published on April 10 in the inaugural volume of AAAS journal Science Advances, led by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides enough evidence that smartphones could be that alternative for providing earthquake early warning system.
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Dirt cheap smartphone-controlled prosthetic hand that is 3D printed

Exii Handiii 3D printed prosthetic limb

Smartphone controlled 3D printed prosthetic limb

3D printing has undoubtedly taken the world by the storm, and there is no stopping it as far as the possibilities of this technological evolution goes. One segment that 3D printing has affected profoundly is the development of prosthetic limbs for the unfortunate disabled people. Going a step ahead with the advancements is a Japanese company Exii which has created a bionic arm dubbed Handiii that pairs with your smartphone to facilitate nifty movement of limbs. And all this at a very economical cost with the option to 3D print in your favorite color.
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Podo stickable camera is one step ahead of selfie stick camera accessories

Podo stick camera

The rage for selfie cameras and action cameras is in the trend these days, and for reason too. It gives a whole new, never before seen perspective of photography and unique ways to innovate. Podo wireless camera is another innovative photography accessory that gives you freedom to shoot from any angle, and on any surface. This re-stickable camera attaches to any surface and shoots photos, videos and time lapse sequences in many new ways. Perhaps a good competition for the trending selfie stick accessories. You can stick it to any surface; walls, trees, tables, windows, iron brackets etc. with the micro-suction cups that hold-on to any surface.
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