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Best iPhone 6S/6S Plus accessories to grab this season


Every smartphone needs compatible accessories to realize its potential to the fullest. There are a lot of different options for iPhones on the market, so it’s quite difficult to choose those which are really effective. To make things a little bit easier for you, I conducted a survey among DesignContest professionals (those who use iPhones, of course) on the matter of the most useful accessories they use. Let’s go through what I’ve got for the latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
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Samsung to display concept printers with smartphone dock at IFA 2013

Samsung printers with smartphone dock

It hasn’t been too long since we saw Samsung blow our minds with its new NFC-enabled color laser printers; we weren’t really able to fancy their arrival so much then but at the forthcoming IFA electronics show in Berlin we will have a closer look at them for sure. In addition to that, Samsung will also have a trio of concept printers with smartphone dock on display from September 6 to 11, which we were given an early peak into by Samsung. The three concept printers with smartphone dock are called Wave, Indie and One & One, though details on each one of them are scanty for now, but let’s take a look at them individually after the jump. Read More…

Spinpod for flawless panoramic and time lapse photography with smartphones

Spinpod phone mount and dock
Have you ever wanted a device you could carry around with you to help shoot motion time lapse videos and panoramic shoots with your phone or camera? Here we’ve found you an answer in the Spinpod – a little device that acts as a stand to let you take better panoramic photos and do a lot of precise motion time lapse videography with your phone or camera. Designed by Zhiping Chen and Daniel Aharoni the simple to use Spinpod fits in your pocket, and allows everyone from amateur to professionals and high end users to make seamless motion time-lapse videos and take amazing panoramic pictures just anywhere, anytime. Read More…

DIY 3D printed Iron Throne Dock for iPhone 5 and Android smartphones challenges them all

Game of Thrones Fantasy TV series has gripped a major chunk of audience with its two thumping seasons and third one to be concluded in March 31st 2013. But who would have thought that Game of Thrones would have something to do with the iPhone’s and the Android smartphones. One keen fan of the Game of Thrones [mstyle] was so much inspired by the Iron Throne that he decided to make smartphone dock based on the one priced possession which prompted all the drama within all of the Westeros. Taking his own detour on crowning the iPhone 5 and Android smartphones as the rightful heir to the King’s landing [mstyle] made a 3D printed docking station after tinkering with ways to manufacture the dock that would be the ultimate sign of power and geekiness.

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3-in-one CrystalCore TiltDock multifunctional play and work station for iPhone 5, iPad 2 and iPad mini

Up on Indiegogo platform for crowd funding to push it into manufacturing, the CrystalCore TiltDock could have been Apple’s own accessory to team up with iOS devices, but it is not. Rather it is the ingenious design of Apple Core Gear which was sneak-peaked at CES 2013. Having three versions of pin connectors in the dock, it can be a docking station for your iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPod touch and iPad Mini. In fact it works with all the previous models of the products too, so in a way it is a one-stop-docking station for all your loved Apple gadgets. Interestingly the makers claim that the micro USB connector lets it function as dock for other smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG too!
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