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AB GRIP 2: A neat iPhone grip with integrated shutter system


This year’s CES brought forth a few dedicated camera lenses that could be attached to your smartphone for better mobile photography. The above pictured AB GRIP 2 from Japan Trust Technology follows the same functional principle albeit with an improved usability factor. Envisaged as a gripping mechanism that holds onto your iPhone, the contrivance also consists of a shutter system that positions itself over the phone’s camera. So basically, it works like a phone mounting device, with the grip considerably reducing the shaking of the mobile device when you are gleefully taking your outdoor snaps and selfies.

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Gerp Grip is pistol-style grip for tablets that doubles as a stand

Gerp Grip for tablets

There are mainly two adapted ways of holding a tablet or a large screen smartphone. You can have both hands gripping the device on either sides (else have one hand lose to type) or can hold it in cockeyed hold – griping one edge of the device and resting the other against the forearm. But with Paul Liniger’s Gerp Grip you may just have another way to hold your tablets very securely this Christmas. The Gerp Grip is a tablet stand or and universal tablet handle that grips the gadget from the underside to let you use it ever more comfortably.

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