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Best heart rate monitoring fitness wearables and smartwatches

Adidas Micoach Fit Smart

Personal fitness trackers and smartwatches have come a long way in helping you lead a healthy life. Whether your fitness goals are modest or you’re planning an overall health transformation, fitness wearables are best way to understand if exercise regime you’re following is actually contributing to the new you. These devices and their dedicated apps give you a wholesome insight on your sleep, walk, run, calorie consumption, blood pressure and most importantly the heart rate. As more and more wrist-based heart rate monitors are hitting the market, it’s important to know the best heart rate monitoring fitness wearables and smartwatches you can buy. Read More…

Apple Watch Hermès brings new fashion statement to the forte

Hermès Apple Watch

Apple is definitely trying hard to lure in the fashion conscious section of the society to buy its smartwatch, but that effort till now has not yielded the result they were expecting. In another bold move Apple have collaborated with French luxury brand Hermès to come-up with an Apple Watch that has luxury and exclusivity stamped all over it. This new collection will come in stainless steel Apple Watch embraced by finely crafted leather band in three different styles. The watch is going to have a unique Double Tour wrap that goes around your wrist twice, Cuff leather band and the conventional single tour band.
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Dedicated to ladies, Omate unveils Lutetia smartwatch

Lutetia smartwatch from Omate

There are lots of hi-tech smartwatches on the market today offered by big brand names of the tech industry. However, very few of these smart wearables succeeds to impress the ladies as most smartwatches are too big, bulky and offers a masculine look. Well, Omate, a software design company that develops wearable products have addressed the issue and created a smartwatch that is dedicated to the ladies. Dubbed Lutetia (named after ancient Paris), the feminine smartwatch is designed and engineered by a team of women. The 40mm-wide and 12mm-thick timepiece features a circular, always-on transflective LCD display and is covered in a curved, sapphire-coated glass piece.
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Minuum keyboard unveiled as a dedicated app for upcoming smartwatches

Minuum keyboard

Yesterday, we fleetingly mentioned how smartwatches are gradually evolving beyond their accessory credentials to be viewed as serious communication devices. And, as we all know, answering to emails and messages form a crucial component of every credible communication device. Unfortunately, the smartwatches tend to lag behind in that regard, especially since they have smaller touchscreen sizes than conventional smartphones. Well, not anymore; Toronto-based startup Whirlscape have devised their special Minuum keyboard that can be pre-loaded into a smartwatch contraption. The software keyboard is designed in such a manner so as to make typing much easier and intuitive, while not taking much of the valuable screen space.

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CES 2014: Low priced Archos smartwatches to stiffen competition

Archos smartwatches CES 2014

There is no doubting that we are going to see a plethora of smartwatches at CES 2014 and give a glimpse of the future of smartwatch technology. In the race for gaining smartwatch market supremacy, Archos is going to reveal its line-up of smartwatches that are going to be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. It is rumored that the smartwatch by Archos is going to cost less than £50 ($82) which is great news for the budget buyer. The new range of smartwatches will feature Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and Pebble smartwatch like form factor with a contoured design that fits perfectly on the wrist.
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CES 2014: Martian’s new smartwatch with voice command features

Martian smartwatch CES 2014

Going in with the rage of smartwatch culture, Martian Watches is all set to make even more noticeable changes and additions to its existing line that features Passport smartwatch. At CES 2014 set to commence in the early half of next month, the company will release its new smartwatch that will have new voice recognition and voice command features. The smartwatch will have a huge facelift breaking the jinx of its predecessor that wasn’t that good looking. Just like other smartwatches it will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the OLED screen displays all the important notifications like Caller ID, Calendar, Weather, SMS, email, social networks etc. in a clean user interface.
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Top 5 smartwatches that exhibit style and substance

Top 5 smartwatches that exhibit style and substance

There is no doubt that Internet has changed our way of living. It has opened new horizons. Today mobile devices available easily through company stores and electronics online shopping sites have become a common requirement. After the PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets, Smartwatches are the latest craze that has gripped the new age junkies. Manufacturers all big and new have stepped into the realm. Everyone wants to prove their point and tap in the vacant market with finest product. We have for your understanding listed below the top 5 smartwatches today. Read More…

Nissan Nismo smartwatch connects driver to the car

Nissan Nismo smartwatch

Smartwatch era is here and it is there to stay as big brands are also foraying into catching up with the trend. The popularity or should I say fever of smartwatches has also gripped car manufacturer like Nissan and definitely shows how smartwatches are going to revolutionize the coming times. Called as Nismo smartwatch, this wearable tech inspired bu=y Nismo Ring is first of its kind that can be connected to the car’s interface to monitor vital statistics like efficiency, fuel consumption etc. On the other hand it also provides information on driver’s performance and body readings like heart rate using ECG technologies for measuring intervals of R-R rhythm which by the way also prevents the chances of accidents due to fatigue. The smartwatch was launched at Frankfurt Motor Show and is Nissan’s take on wearable technology that connects the driver to the car he/she is driving. The smartwatch will be secured on the user’s wrist via a snap-fit mechanism and will be a two button operated gadget.
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Hyetis Crossbow is a 41 megapixel smartwatch stuffed with irresistible features

Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch

A 41 megapixel smarphone surely turned some eyeballs but how about a 41 megapixel smartwatch that interacts with your smartphone seamlessly? That is exactly what Swiss watchmaker Hyetis is going to offer its lucky 500 customers for the price tag of $1200. Coming in a limited edition version, the smartwatch is named as Crossbow and truly redefines the thin line between a smartphone and a wristwatch. Loaded with WiFi functionality, Bluetooth connectivity, Near Field Communication (NFC), GPS, touchscreen, mechanical hand movement and most importantly a thumping 41 MP camera this smartwatch is state of the art in its design as well as features.

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