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DIYer builds palm-sized SNES with Raspberry Pi Zero

SNES console with Raspberry Pi Zero

Nintendo revealed NES all-in-one console at the San Diego Comic Con and the mini-console is scheduled to launch with built-in library of 30 games for Christmas. Before Nintendo rolls out an original console, YouTube user lyberty5 (Hugo Dorison) has handmade a palm-sized SNES that you’d want to have. The Dorison’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System comprises a well painted clay exterior and is fitted in with a Raspberry Pi Zero and couple of USB hubs. The 16-bit DIY console comes pre-installed with games like Kirby Super Star, Doom and Yoshi’s Island. Read More…

Celebrating 30 years of Nintendo magnificence with these mods and DIYs

Happy birthday Nintendo

On October 18, 1985 Nintendo released its first ever console in the region of North America and since then the Japanese gaming giant has not looked back. In a way Nintendo has revolutionized the gaming industry and how can we forget those old school gaming days when playing addictive arcade games like Super Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt for hours and hours was bliss. It has been 30 years since that time and Nintendo has come a long way in establishing itself as a household name for gaming freaks. As a tribute on 30th birthday of Nintendo we have compiled a list of Nintendo-inspired geek stuff and Nintendo mods that you’ll definitely enjoy.
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Super Nintendo modded into a cool arcade gaming machine

Nintendo SNES arcade machine DIY

Mod Super Nintendo Entertainment System into an arcade machine and you are all set for some really cool gaming on weekends. Invite your gaming buffs for a weekend party and all they would want do is get hold of your Super Nintendo Arcade Machine. But for that you’ll have to follow the intuitive DIY by [Nzen Mods] who modded a Super Nintendo SNES into a super cool gaming rig that has classic arcade controls. The SNES controller has been replaced by real arcade controls and second controller can be added for multiplayer fun while drooling over gaming titles like Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country or Super Metroid.
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