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Super dad turns his son’s wheelchair into a Snowspeeder

DIY Star Wars snowspeeder

Before we know it, Halloween has almost arrived and what better than having a DIY that will bring smile to many faces. You can call Ryan Scott Miller a super dad for his stellar project that involved modifying his disabled son’s wheelchair into a cool Star Wars Snowspeeder. It took Ryan almost two weeks to complete this DIY and in the end it turned out to be the coolest thing that has ever been created by a dad for his son.
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DIY snowspeeder built from cardboard and duct tape rides the snow

Snowspeeders are everyone’s favorite; we’ve grown seeing the Rebel Alliance on Hoth ride their snowspeeders to take on the Darth Vader. We can’t go live that space, but yes we can build and ride our own snowspeeders to zip around places, harming none. While we may be proclaim to build one, not sure when, a builder known as Fortyozjuicebox has built a Snowspeeder out of nothing but cardboard and duct tape for a Downhill Derby Cardboard and Duct Tape Contest. The cardboard snowspeeder is attached to a sled base to ride the snow for fun. Video after the jump shows the snowspeeder in action. Read More…