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Atlanta MARTA is the world’s first metro station to have soccer field

Station Soccer_8

Good news for soccer fans has just come in as they’ll be able to show-off their skills at Atlanta’s MARTA public transit system. Yes you read that right, as Atlanta United Football Club has funded the MARTA public transit system to create the world’s first soccer field inside a metro station. Just imagine the size of this transit system would be so huge that it will fit inside Atlanta’s downtown hub, Five Points. The authorities have done so because they want to encourage Atlanta’s youth to go for sports like soccer.
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EA Sports FIFA 15 will feature emotional intelligence for hyper-realistic gameplay

EA Sports FIFA 15 game

FIFA World Cup 2014 is over-shadowing every other sport right now on air, and as this extravaganza unleashes the final stages in Brazil, fans all over the world are going bonkers. On the other side FIFA 15 is getting everyone excited as it comes with more improved features and special attention towards the whole emotional aspect of the gameplay. Yes, FIFA 15 is going to be out this September and I just can’t wait to get my hands on it.
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Watch FIFA World Cup finals on Sony’s Ultra HD 4K screen

Sony’s Ultra HD 4K Screen for FIFA World Cup 2014

Image credit: Daniel Incandela, Flickr

In 2010, Sony came up with 3D technology for fans to watch FIFA World Cup straight from South Africa. Now, the company has launched an Ultra HD 4K technology display which will be installed in Vue Cinemas London, especially to telecast two FIFA World Cup matches. As we all know, 16 teams have successfully qualified for the final round but only quarter final and final matches will be shown on this particular multiplex. Quarter final match will be broadcasted only for guests whereas, the final match will be open for public. Read More…

Hotblack watch shows real time football scores of FIFA World Cup 2014

Hotblack Smartwatch Soccer World Cup goal display

FIFA fever is high and people around the globe are eagerly tracking the progress of their favorite teams during this World cup in Brazil. Probably high time to come up with a smartwatch that shows real time scores of your favorite team and their opponents. London-based Richard Hoptroff has been thinking along the same lines therefore he has made an analog smartwatch dubbed Hotblack watch which shows real time scores of ongoing matches in FIFA 2014 football world cup in Brazil.
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Brazilian restaurant’s niche idea turns food tray and smartphone into an interactive football game

The goal screen Giraffas football penalty shoot out

As FIFA World Cup 2014 is nearing, the excitement of football is transcending into the lives of fans worldwide. And it is ever so high in Brazil, the host country for this global extravaganza. Giraffas, a fast food chain in Brazil noticed that 90% of its customers are playing with their smartphones while having meals, and decided to come up with an interactive way to keep them busy while enjoying the food. Hence came idea of the Goal Screen which combines the real world dynamics and virtual world elements to come up with an interactive gaming experience that builds on the soccer fever that’s gripping everyone around.
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Adidas Brazuca fitted with cameras for a dizzying football view

Adidas Brazuca offical match ball Fifa Word Cup 2014

The official FIFA World Cup 2014 ball, Adidas Brazuca got a 360 degree makeover by the maker as it got fitted with cameras to capture the dizzying view as it gets kicked on the football field. Although this ball is just for filming documentaries and interviews, the original one is a work of art in itself. With almost two and a half years in the making, Adidas Brazuca has been tested by 600 players around the world, including Lionel Messi who was dedicatedly involved in its making. Therefore Adidas Brazuca is one of the most tested football in history and its name Brazuca, meaning a thing made in Brazil also appropriately fits in the theme of FIFA World Cup 2014 to be held in Brazil.

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Storelli ExoShield HeadGuard new ultra-modern protective headgear for soccer stars


Soccer has become more physical than ever before. Injuries to players of all ages and skill levels in soccer are all too common, unfortunately head injuries form the most chunk of all injuries. To protect players from head injuries, revolutionary new head gear has been introduced by Brooklyn-based protective soccer apparel company Storelli Sports. The Storelli ExoShield HeadGuard as it’s called is a head protective gear which has been tested to reduce force of impact on head by almost 59 percent. Read More…

Real Madrid all set to build US$ 1 billion island resort by 2015

Real Madrid is the richest football club in Europe generating a whooping €438.6 million in year 2011, and with their six point lead over F.C Barcelona in the ongoing Spanish La Liga tournament things are looking even better with nine games remaining. Probably for this reason real Madrid have stringent plans to build a jaw-dropping exquisite artificial island amidst the serene water off the shores of United Arab Emirates.
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