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‘Ghostbusters’ Twitter harassment raises free speech questions

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones

Comedian Leslie Jones had enough with Twitter and so she quit. After coming under cyber-attack from so-called internet “trolls” who sent racist, misogynistic, and threatening tweets, the Ghostbusters star decided it was time to remove herself from the social media platform that tends to thrive on the anonymity of the internet. Before closing down her account, though, Jones called out Twitter for not doing enough to protect members from harassment from other accounts. Freedom of speech, she said, has its limits.

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SoSolo sneakers download social media info, emit colors to match your personality traits

sosolo sneakers 7
Invasion of advanced electronics into fashion accessories is heading toward unknown future. Conglomerate of fabric and electronics has already earned itself the label “Smart Clothing”. A couple of years ago, smart clothing would have meant generating electricity using piezoelectric material or fitness trackers and sensors to collect data, but now, the scenario has moved on to another level – giving your accessories the ability to download and analyze data from social networks in order to respond in social settings. Read More…

Facebook Live video streaming feature coming soon to your device

Facebook Live video streaming feature

Facebook has just launched a new feature to Facebook Live to some users which allows for live video streaming in groups or events. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has been pretty obsessed with this feature to allow the users freedom to share moments instantly with friends and family. More so, you can react instantly to all the comments and feel as if they are present with you. Facebook Live was launched in August 2015 for a handful of celebrities like The Rock, Ashley Tisdale and Serena Williams. Later it was expanded to media companies and verified page users. Facebook is even paying celebrities and media companies to use the service in order to increase its popularity. Now the feature is going to roll out for public and that is great news.
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Fashionable clothing shields against radio frequency, helps increase focus

Radio frequency shielding clothing

Given the unwanted disturbance created by untimely text messages, calls, Facebook and Twitter alerts, do you long for a moment of privacy? A new line of clothing dubbed the “Focus Life Gear,” is designed specifically to help you do just that. Made from a special radio frequency shielding fabric, the Focus line of clothing by Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga, keeps you away from an avalanche of undesired information in times of utmost privacy and solitude. Read More…

Canon iVIS mini camera shoots professional footage of your talents

Canon iVIS mini camera

Canon is eyeing to capture the ever growing craze for geeks who like to show off their skills on video sharing portals. For example a swift dancer would like to show the world, what cool moves he/she has got. So here it is, Canon iVIS mini camera that is your best buddy when it comes to shooting creative videos without the need of your real buddies of course. Equipped with a 170 degrees lens for taking still images and 160 degrees for moving images, the iVIS mini camera boasts-of a movable touch panel LCD (2.3 inch at 2, 30,000) monitor and stand that can be extended to a height of maximum 60 degrees. This camera is not just limited to shooting normal images or videos, it can automatically vary the lens zoom-in or zoom-out and take shots in mirror image mode, flip vertical mode, slow mode, interval mode and also allows your smartphone to function as a remote control for the camera.

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Paintbot – Nifty hack allows paintball gun to shoot with a tweet

In the twitter age there is hardly a man who doesn’t have a fancy for tweeting endlessly. In most cases these tweets only fall on deaf ears. Now, with a purpose to give your tweets a meaningful target, social media and ad agency, iStrategyLabs has come with a nifty PaintBot – paintball gun that shoot paintballs with each tweet. Sounds interesting to your tweeting frenzy? Indeed it is. iStrategyLabs has mounted a paintball gun on a tripod and the installation (PaintBot) is hooked to an Arduino – so when someone tweets with the hashtag #ISLPaint, the PaintBot is such programmed that it responds by firing a paintball on the canvas across the room. Read More…