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Star Wars themed Android phones make debut in Japan

Star wars phone

Star Wars galaxy has come a long way since it was first introduced to us mortals. Back then in the galaxy far, far away there were no phones, but cometh the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story they could be a sight. Sharp is stepping up to please the Star Wars fraternity with two “Dark Side” and “Light Side” smartphones for Japanese Telecom giant SoftBank. Read More…

Softbank opening exclusive phone store run by Pepper robot employees

Pepper Phone Store_1

Pepper, the cute robot companion just got a promotion by SoftBank Group Corp., and it is a responsible task to say the least. The Japanese phone carrier giant announced that Pepper Phone Shop is going to be staffed by the robot itself and that is a niche move to attract customers. The shop is scheduled to open from March 28 – April 3, 2016 during the business timings of noon to 7 PM and people can shop for new SoftBank smartphones or have a look at the new contracts by the provider.
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UPDATE: Lovable Pepper robot priced at $1600 is up for sale in Japan

Pepper Robot

Do your still remember Pepper? A lovable humanoid robot that is capable of reading human emotions and then responding accordingly to the situation. Not only does it read your emotions, but has its own too. Pepper feels lonely when you don’t interact with it and feels elated if you keep it engaged in conversation. Infact it will develop a personality of its own overtime depending on how you treat it which is quite astonishing and lovable. Read More…

Update: J-deite transformer robot from Brave Robotics coming our way in 2017

J-deite Quarter robotic transformer

Robotic transformer converts form factor in just 10 seconds

Back in October 2014 we saw the J-deite Quarter transforming robot by Brave Robotics and Asratec Corp. that looked promising enough to make it past the scaled down version. The team has put in three folds effort to bring the transforming robot to life with a life-sized version that is even better, and the result is really impressive.

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Softbank Memory Reader & Writer to backup iPhone/iPad data wirelessly

There are so many ways to back up data from the iPhone, but the Japanese think you may just need another more to-date way to backup those important files, photo and videos and have them played back to you as and when you need. To comply, Softbank SELECTION delivers the all new ‘Wireless Memory Reader & Writer’ of the iPhone and the iPad. Equipped with Wireless LAN and a SD card slot, the device is good to store all your data from the iPhone. Weighing in at 53g, the Wireless Memory Reader & Writer can be used as a wireless external storage also.

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