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With Android Nougat update, Moto Z and Z Force phones become Daydream ready

moto z and moto z force are daydream ready

Android-based Moto smartphones have come a long way. The phones are a hit with mid-range phone takers and have helped revive consumer trust in Motorola. Now, the company says many of its smartphones including the Moto Z and Moto Z Force are scheduled for Android 7.0 Nougat update, which should rollout by end of November. With the update, Moto Z and Moto Z Force will become the first phones outside of Google’s own hardware to support Daydream – Google’s mobile virtual reality headset announced in October this year. Read More…

NetSpot creates visual heatmap of Wi-Fi signal strength in home/office

NetSpot app for WiFi signal analysis_2

What does a modern geek require to stay alive? Food, air, water and of course a Wi-Fi signal. Such is the requirement of modern life that you can’t do without internet connectivity, and it is mostly satisfied by a stable Wi-Fi connection. Whether you are in office or at home, lack of internet connectivity can bring your life to a virtual halt, only to be restored back when you reestablish Wi-Fi connectivity. Having a Wi-Fi connection is one thing, and ensuring that you make the most out of it is completely another.
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Drones will soon be the guardian angels for lost hikers

Drone with AI for search and rescue missions_1

Drones are becoming a major tool in search & rescue operations with quite a lot of them already being tested for the same. The next step in making drones do all the decision-making and fly autonomously in search of human trails in the forest is by providing AI to the flying machines. For this a team from the University of Zurich, Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and NCCR Robotics have developed a machine-learning software which allows drones to identify and follow man-made trails in a confusing forest. That would be able help for search & rescue teams on the lookout for missing hikers.
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Hacker invents self-driving car software package that’ll cost just $1000

George Hotz self driving car_1

Tesla Motors already has a strong foot-print in the electric cars section and their technology is hard to reach and implement for other manufacturers. However, 26-year old star hacker George Hotz has taken the first step towards making his own self-driving car. He has been building the self-driving technology on his 2016 Acura ILX car for about a month in his garage and so far he has been able to drive it through the San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood and the Interstate 280 autonomously. That’s impressive for the little time he has taken to tinker with the car. George believes that he is going to be the next multi-billionaire CEO and his self-driving car package will cost just $1000.
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Always wanted to answer e-mail without typing-in? Now you can with ‘Smart Reply’

Inbox for Gmail Smart Reply feature_1

Inbox for Gmail Smart Reply feature

Text messaging has evolved quite a lot with predictive text and emoji using iOS and Android’s AI for text forecast. I’m sure you are wondering how cool would it be to have some kind of predictive reply for your e-mails too. Google has been making major inroads in its complex algorithms for search and having a huge experience and data now gives them the leverage to introduce a new feature that will change the way you reply to emails. Google mail app will soon see a new feature dubbed “Smart Reply” that makes valid suggestions to mails that you receive.
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Nigerian students develop Humane app to make any phone accessible for blind


Four Nigerian engineering students have developed software that can turn any windows phone into a smartphone accessible to visually impaired. The application software (unavailable for public download) called Humane is brainchild of Victor Shoaga, Ayodele Obasegun, Oyatope Blessing and Otaru Babatunde – engineering students at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The app uses a compatible manual controller to make a smartphone more accessible and easy to use for blind. Read More…

Suspected Chinese malware affects Apple App Store in a major security breach

Apple app store hack

Apple invests a lot of time, effort and finances in making sure that its services/products are ultra-secure from hackers and other activities. But Apple has some answering to do as their first ever major security breach of the Apple App Store has left many doubts in the mind of Apple users. The malware codenamed XcodeGhost has been found in many apps and it can potentially damage iOS and Mac devices.
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Android 6.0 will officially be called “Marshmallow” Google confirms

Android 6.0 OS is going be called Marshmallow

Android 6.0 OS is going be called Marshmallow

Information on Google’s next operating system for mobile devices was building up in the last few months, and finally Android M has an official name. Google has announced that the next Android 6.0 operating system is going to be called as Android Marshmallow, laying all speculations about Android Milkshake to rest. The final version of this OS is nearing completion and as a result 6.0 SDK final Developer Preview update is now available to developers (SDK Manager in Android Studio) for coming up with API level 23 apps.
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Apple Watch hacked to run Mac operating system, but why?

Apple Watch running Mac OS

You won’t believe me if I said that an Apple Watch can run Macintosh OS 7.5.5. To prove this statement true, Nick Lee shared a video of the Apple smartwatch running two decade old Mac OS released on September 27, 1996. The software was made for the Power Macintosh 5500 and Steve Jobs would never have thought that a watch-sized gadget would run this OS. And if you can’t believe your eyes, yes it is Mac operating system starting flawlessly on the Apple Watch and running like a charm with the classic Mac OS logo clearly showing.
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Samsung’s keyboard security flaw leaves millions of Galaxy smartphones vulnerable to hacking

Samsung Galaxy S5 available for pre-order At £600

Samsung is in the news, but this time around for all the wrong reasons. A security flaw in its default keyboard has put millions of Samsung Galaxy smartphones (including Galaxy S6m S5 and S4 on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile networks) at risk, compromising their personal data like messages, contacts and phone calls. You can assume the severity of this vulnerability which is exploited using Samsung’s default keyboard by the fact that a hacker can snoop into your phone calls, read messages, compromise camera sensors, GPS, microphone, exploit photos and gain remote access to your smartphone. Now that is one serious problem!
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