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Solar-powered fabric developed by University of Central Florida is bliss for wearables

Power storing fabric

With the advent of wearables, the need for battery sources that are small and compact is also paramount. The small size of wearables means the power source also needs to be of comparable size to fit inside the wearable. All of this means a constriction in battery life which is a major roadblock for current age wearables as well as the ones which are getting ready for the future. Keeping this in mind, nanotechnology researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed energy storing fabric.
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Apple files patent for solar cell embedded touchpad in future MacBooks

Apple patent solar cell touchpad

Apple tends to patent every new innovation that it thinks could be the trend in near future. This one too shows their eagerness to protect technological prowess and make it practically useful for the future iteration of products. This time Apple has filed a patent for technology that has embedded transparent solar cell panels on the touch display surface to charge battery on the go.
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OnBeat solar powered headphones also charge your smartphones

OnBeat solar powered headphones 3

Previously we have harped about solar powered cellphone chargers and even solar powered Bluetooth speakers. And, this time around, we have come across an equally ‘green’ conception that sort of combines the applications of both a charger and a speaker. We are of course talking about the newly released OnBeat solar powered headphone set. Tapping into the nigh perpetual realm of solar energy, these handy headphones can charge your smartphone, while you are busy listening to your favorite music, watching your choicest videos or even playing your precious games.

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