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Dubai debuts first ever solar-powered abra at AI Jaddaf

Solar-powered abra

Dubai is well known for its swanky architecture and larger than life living style. And they make it a point to be at the forefront of technology laden innovations which enrich people’s life. Apparently they are also taking environmental conservation seriously, and one good example of it is the solar-powered abra they just introduced to the world. Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has given the city’s oldest transportation a clean energy upgrade.
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Solar-powered fabric developed by University of Central Florida is bliss for wearables

Power storing fabric

With the advent of wearables, the need for battery sources that are small and compact is also paramount. The small size of wearables means the power source also needs to be of comparable size to fit inside the wearable. All of this means a constriction in battery life which is a major roadblock for current age wearables as well as the ones which are getting ready for the future. Keeping this in mind, nanotechnology researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed energy storing fabric.
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DIY solar-powered trike made from scrap, really comfortable to ride

solar powered trike made from scrap

People around the world are creating all sorts of eco-friendly ways to commute. A Canadian named Nathan Muller is the latest to join the force. Muller has built a solar-powered trike and it’s made entirely from scrap. Built over a few months, the trike’s highpoint is of course the 3 feet by 5 feet solar panel on its roof. But what really catches the eye is the cool car-like seat with backrest that you can lean back on, on a clean, green ride through the town. Read More…

Solar-powered Ferrari beer cooler spotted at F1 British Grand Prix

solar powered Ferrari beer cooler at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton was the biggest attraction on the track on race day at Silverstone – the Mercedes driver set a new record to become first driver in history to win three British Grand Prix in as many years. But the biggest attraction outside the track was a Ferrari. A group of beer and F1 fanatics had brought their solar-powered Ferrari-shaped beer cooler along to Silverstone to enjoy their refreshments in the best possible taste. Read More…

Solar powered phone charging station by Edinburgh University students

Project Elpis, Solar powered, Edinburgh University, Solar charging station, Charge phone, Kara Tepe camp, Solar power, Entec, Solar powered charging station

For us all electricity is not much of an issue, and rarely do we think much about it, since it an abundant resource for us. Refugees and migrants in Greece have electricity on their priority list because it is scarcely available. In a world dominated by smartphones, these people require electricity to juice up their device to stay in touch with loved ones. In such a situation getting access to electricity is like striking gold and it comes at a steep price tag. Seeing this, students at Edinburgh University have come up with a charging station that uses sun’s power. Called as Project Elpis, the device was created with help from Entec, a Greek solar technology company.
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M-KOPA Solar-powered TV is globalizing neglected Kenya


Five million homes in Kenya are still devoid of electricity let alone an access to television. Most people in these areas travel kilometers together to nearby towns to watch television. With M-KOPA Solar, a 16-inch solar powered television, communication is coming to the doorsteps of all these less affluent families. M-KOPA Solar TV kit comprises a 16-inch television and a rooftop solar panel (similar to one used for solar lighting). The solar panel placed on the sunny side of the roof provides power for the TV via power cord to screen a host of local channels. Read More…

Apple San Francisco store to go 100% solar with photovoltaic glass floor

apple solar floor

You already know about Apple’s claimed concern for reducing carbon footprint in production of its electronic products. New Apple Campus/Spaceship Office are already on solar power supplied from a solar system capable of generating whopping 5 MW of power. So, Solar Energy would be the primary source to supply energy needed for operation of the entire campus. Now, Apple has announced installment of a floor at the Apple San Francisco Store to trap more of sun’s power. The giant claims the installment would offset as much as 61 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Read More…

Researchers develop stretchable solar cells and batteries that can be applied to skin like band-aid

Stretchable Solar cells

Scientists have left no stone unturned to figure out how to exploit electronics in wearable systems or devices, like fabrics or shoes. Researchers at Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois have developed stretchable and soft batteries and solar cells that are thin enough to be applied to human skin like a band-aid. According to the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, the batteries and cells are arranged as array of thin, milimetre-scale components (2.5 millimetres), which are interconnected together with spring-like wiring. Read More…

Indian company develops solar-powered mobile shop for physically challenged

Sunny Splendor solar powered electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs have helped numerous people with disabilities around the world. Now, a Karnataka, India based company Ostrich Mobility has developed solar-powered electric wheelchair (in shape of a trike) which doubles as a mobile shop to allow physically challenged people earn their living by selling food items, toys, vegetables etc riding from place to place. Read More…

Solar-powered street lamp fools mosquitos and traps them

Mosquito trapping solar and wind powered streetlight

Researchers at Malaysia University of Malaya have developed an ingenious LED street lamp which emulates a human signature which attracts mosquitoes. This lamp creates low level of carbon dioxide through a photo-catalytic reaction and this fools mosquitoes into thinking it a human being. Once they are near the lamp it forces them to the bottom section where they are trapped to their death. This smart outdoor lighting system harnesses solar energy via its photo-voltaic panel and also wind energy to power the lighting system and mosquito trapping mechanism.
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