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Would you shell out $3,200 on Sony’s gold-plated Walkman?

Sony Gold-plated Walkman

Celebrating 70-years in the tech business, Sony has unveiled its gold-plated Walkman for $3,200. The Japanese electronics maker has come up with a new line of high-resolution audio products, including two Walkman players, headphones, and headphone amplifier. However, the Signature Series is led by gilded NW-WM1Z Walkman with high-resolution audio. Read More…

Sony ZX1: Walkman makes a comeback

Sony Walkman ZX1

The original Walkman which was introduced by Sony back in 1979 is getting a new life after 35 years with the launch of Walkman ZX1. However, if you are wondering I’d like to tell you that it won’t be playing any cassettes like the original one. Unlike the Apple’s iPod which is light weight and sports a slim design, the new Sony NWZ-ZX1 comes with voluminous dimensions and pretty heavy weight. Besides that, it comes with a whopping price tag of $700 which three times more expensive than the Apple’s iPod.
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Sony employs the ingenious tactic of selling MP3 players in bottled water

Sony's Bottled MP3 Player

A stroke of advertising ingenuity can go a long way in making a product commercially successful. And, that might just be the case with Sony’s waterproof MP3 player. The Japanese electronic giant has taken the uniquely novel approach of showcasing the ‘true’ waterproof quality of their product. As a remarkable result, the MP3 players are already immersed in a bottle of water when they are sold in their retail form!

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