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DJ put out my fire – Intuitive fire extinguisher makes it a literal possibility!

Fire extinguisher George Mason University students invention

Next time you see a DJ pumping up the bass, it could be in a forest putting out a fire! However crazy this statement might sound, but it is the low frequency sounds that could be the key to dozing colossal fires in forests or urban settings. A duo of engineering students at the George Mason University in Virginia have invented a fire extinguisher that uses bass to put out fires. Engineering seniors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson have got the preliminary patent for their application to make a device that uses low-frequency sound waves to annihilate out of control fires.
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Microsoft developing smart wearable headset for safety of visually impaired

Microsoft Cities Unlocked project

Life for visually-impaired people can be really tough as they have to struggle even for the basic things like going to the other part of the city without much action. To make life a tad easier for blind people and help them in commuting safely in the city; Microsoft, Guide Dogs and the UK government’s Future Cities Catapult have embarked on the Cities Unlocked project. The soundscape technology of this project comes in the form of a smart wearable headset that is paired-up with Windows Phone app to safely guide people with vision impairment into never before ventures sections of the city without getting stressed.
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It’s not a table fan, it’s a paper speaker!

Phonon Camome paper speaker

This looks like some decoration for your home or a slim fan, but it actually is a speaker. As amazed as you would be by its look, be prepared to be taken aback by this speaker’s sound quality. Phonon Kamome is a feather-shaped speaker made from paper and weighs just 129 grams in total. It uses micro vibration technology between light papers to produce sound The uniquely shaped speaker unit is attached to an amplifier which has an output for connection with mobile devices or other devices.
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Ayra Bluetooth speaker packs a punch in small form factor

Ayra Bluetooth speaker

In a world flooded with portable Bluetooth speakers that will cost you a good amount of money, Ayra is your best bet when it comes to quality sound at a reasonable price. Small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand, the Ayra Bluetooth speaker is probably the smallest wireless Bluetooth speaker in the market which has the sound comparable to a boombox. So if you were not looking at this small little speaker, you would pre-assume that the sound being played is coming from a considerably bigger speaker. Ayra pairs up with your Bluetooth compatible device like Android, Apple, Mac or PC and is good to go for 7 hours of non-stop playback for audio content like movies, games, music and more. When you don’t want to use Ayra with Bluetooth connectivity, you can hook your gadget via the 3.5 mm jack.
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Samsung Shape M7 wireless speaker system

Samsung Shape M7 wireless speaker

Samsung is out with their speaker system that vouches for its tether-free entertainment in any setting of your house from a wide variety of music sources. Samsung Shape M7 Wireless Audio Multiroom speaker system (WAM750) can be configured in any kind of setting like combining it with Samsung Hub (WAM250) and added speakers to create multi-room system. The speaker can be kept in vertical or horizontal position depending on room settings and the amazing sound quality courtesy the foam core woofer, CNT pulp cone mid-range speaker and silk dome tweeters make sure that there is natural surround sound. The wireless speaker will be available from October 13th with a price tag of $400.
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Disney’s Electronic Whisper – Hear secret audio message with touch of finger to the ear

Disney Research Ishin-Den-Shin Electronic Whisper

Disney Research has developed an innovative new method to turn audio message into audible signals that are transmitted by the human body. Called as Ishin-Den-Shin, meaning communication through unspoken mutual understanding in Japanese, this technology allows the communicator to transfer sound to another person’s body by simply touching their skin near the ear lobe. Amazing isn’t it? It all is possible because of the simple concept of vibration which is the reason why we hear sounds around us. In a way touching the ear lobe of other person’s ear creates an ad-hoc speaker which makes the signal clearly audible to the listener. Ishin-Den-Shin also known as Electronic Whisper comprises of a handheld Shure 55 microphone connected to a computer’s sound card which turns the sound into looped recording that is converted into high-voltage, low current inaudible signal flowing via thin wires connected to microphone that can only be heard through touch as electrostatic field is produced giving rise to small vibration.

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World’s first portable sound camera SeeSV-S205 visualizes sound distribution

portable sound camera SeeSV-S205

Identifying sound just like you identify the hot and cold regions using a thermal camera is the new technology buzz that is all set to be unearthed. For example the rattling sound coming from under your car could be identified in no time using this new technology being developed by Professor Seok-Hyung Bae from the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST and SM Instruments, Inc. Called as the portable sound camera, SeeSV-S205 which won the Red Dot Design Award in Product Design 2013 category.
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iPhoneBooster – DIY Trumpet Cobra dock amplifies iPhone 5 sound beyond belief

iPhonebooster iPhone amplifer trumpet dock

In a market flooded with iPhone accessories, especially speaker docks, it is hard to find one that is simple yet amplifies your iPhone’s sound without the use of any external hardware powered by batteries or electric system. Now there is no need to look any further as this iPhonebooster called Cobra made by Vinnie Veen amplifies the sound of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 beyond belief. The iPhone sound booster is made from brass instruments and you can make one for yourself by just having a look at the design cues or contact the maker so that he is willing enough to make one for you. Have a look at the videos given below to learn more about the sound amplifying capabilities of this amazing iPhone 5 dock which in fact is a trumpet, playing the sweet chin music.

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Airplane Speakers by Han Sung-Jae are worth $5,850 of nature’s inspiration

Airplane Speakers by Han Sung-Jae

Listening to music can be one the most relaxing activates that you can take up during your free time or even while working if music is your food for thought. And what better than an incredibly designed speaker to compliment the ear pleasing music which can be a spell bounding experience for the listener. South Korean artist Han Sung-Jae who is inspired by the idea of sound of planes, cutting through the air has come up with the eye pleasing Airplane Speakers having a brass speaker system which quite capably separate the low, mid and high tones for some great listening experience.
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CES 2013: iPhone 5 and iPad compatible Artiphon Instrument 1 is a real treat for music fanatics

The present world could be defined as a tech savvy entity in totality that breathes technology and exhales radical technological updates every day. You visualize an improvement to the existing version of a product today and there comes the advancement the following day. However, most of the innovations or improved versions, do not find much of the ground later on. Similarly, there are many applications available for iOS devices in the market, aimed at guitarists and often at a price suitable to your pocket. Then what could be the reason for their debacle? The understandable rationale is the “under-delivery” on the quality front. However, the latest development in the iOS accessories backed musical instrument line; Artiphon Instrument 1 is a treat in itself for the guitarists. Artiphon has introduced this stunning masterpiece (Instrument 1), carved out of hardwood and bamboo especially designed for the iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch. Guess what? It is priced at US$ 800 though the order for booking would start in the spring of 2013.

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