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World’s first expandable habitat for astronauts tested at ISS

BEAM testing ISSFinally, NASA has  initiated testing of Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) at the International Space Station (ISS). Last month, NASA had launched a 3,100-pound module aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule that was attached to the ISS after covering a 250 miles journey above earth. BEAM is basically an inflated compartment that is expandable in space and provides as much as 20 times more space for astronauts. Read More…

NASA testing SpaceX inflatable pod for Mars trips to save millions of dollars on launch costs

SpaceX BEAM Pod gif

NASA has initiated the testing of Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) – an inflated habitat (compartment) for astronauts that could be expanded in Space and provide 20 times more room than present metal cabins. Also, it would save a lot of space as it can be inflated. The main idea is to materialize wish to deploy these expandable habitats as crew living quarters during the three-year trips to and from Mars.
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Finally SpaceX tastes success, Falcon 9 takes-off and lands flawlessly

Space X Falcon 9 successful launch and landing_1

SpaceX at last tasted success in Florida as Falcon 9 rocket managed to take-off, separate from the second stage booster and then landed back on base without any flaws. This is the third time SpaceX tried to do so and coming on the back of two unsuccessful attempts this one surely tastes sweet. First time the rocket exploded on impact and in the second attempt too it damaged the landing gear. Elon Musk was elated by this event and expressed how 13 years of SpaceX seem more meaningful now.
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Blue Origin launch rocket into outer space, Jeffery P. Bezos keeps space tourism dream alive

Blue Origin space capsule

Blue Origin space capsule touches 100.5 km distance

Jeffery P. Bezos, the founder of Amazon has invested quite a lot of wealth in rocket technology for space mission and his efforts have finally paid-off. His space company Blue Origin has successfully launched a rocket in outer space and returned back home without a hitch. This reusable rocket named New Shepard rocket (named after Alan Shepard) travelled 329,839 feet (100.5 kms) to the extremity of Earth’s atmosphere.
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$75,000 Space flight aboard pressurized balloons planned for 2016

World View Enterprise balloon space travel

You could soon be taking to the outer space in air balloon by shelling out $75,000 as a veteran space entrepreneurs of Arizona-based World View Enterprises plan to send human beings flying up high in heaven by the year 2016. The dizzying height of 30 kilometers is what these air balloons will take you to beyond the stratosphere giving a spectacular view of planet earth and other celestial bodies. The air balloon are going to be like pressurized gondolas and are currently under development in Tucson and are scheduled for test flights sometime next year. Since the balloons/gondolas will take to outer space away from atmospheric balloon trips, therefore the Federal Aviation Administration will apply the rules governing commercial spaceflight for these rides.

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If Hermes spacecraft dream comes true you could space travel without spending your life savings

I have seen loads of innovative projects on Kickstarter getting a good start and managing to get their ideas into production. But this Kickstarter project from STAR (Space Transport and Recovery) Systems, Phoenix, Arizona based team of visionary aerospace entrepreneurs is one like never seen before. Looking to make sub-orbital space travel (where you can experience zero gravity and see the curvature of Earth) easily affordable for the common man,STAR Systems team is looking to develop the Hermes Spacecraft (named after ancient Greek god of boundaries) which will take on the much more expensive space travel options being provided by Virgin Galactic and Space Adventures head on.
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