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NASA testing SpaceX inflatable pod for Mars trips to save millions of dollars on launch costs

SpaceX BEAM Pod gif

NASA has initiated the testing of Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) – an inflated habitat (compartment) for astronauts that could be expanded in Space and provide 20 times more room than present metal cabins. Also, it would save a lot of space as it can be inflated. The main idea is to materialize wish to deploy these expandable habitats as crew living quarters during the three-year trips to and from Mars.
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Finally SpaceX tastes success, Falcon 9 takes-off and lands flawlessly

Space X Falcon 9 successful launch and landing_1

SpaceX at last tasted success in Florida as Falcon 9 rocket managed to take-off, separate from the second stage booster and then landed back on base without any flaws. This is the third time SpaceX tried to do so and coming on the back of two unsuccessful attempts this one surely tastes sweet. First time the rocket exploded on impact and in the second attempt too it damaged the landing gear. Elon Musk was elated by this event and expressed how 13 years of SpaceX seem more meaningful now.
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$75,000 Space flight aboard pressurized balloons planned for 2016

World View Enterprise balloon space travel

You could soon be taking to the outer space in air balloon by shelling out $75,000 as a veteran space entrepreneurs of Arizona-based World View Enterprises plan to send human beings flying up high in heaven by the year 2016. The dizzying height of 30 kilometers is what these air balloons will take you to beyond the stratosphere giving a spectacular view of planet earth and other celestial bodies. The air balloon are going to be like pressurized gondolas and are currently under development in Tucson and are scheduled for test flights sometime next year. Since the balloons/gondolas will take to outer space away from atmospheric balloon trips, therefore the Federal Aviation Administration will apply the rules governing commercial spaceflight for these rides.

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Elysium memorial spacecraft provides space funeral at just $2000

Memorial spaceflight service on Elysium memorial spacecraft

Nobody knows what happens after one dies, does the energy take another physical form or we simply waste our time in post death ceremonies morning for the deceased? This mystery will remain an unsolved query but since we are emotionally driven beings, having funeral ceremonies gives us a sense of warmth as we assume that the dead person is in another world all happy and satisfied. Some people go to great extents to show their love and in remembrance of the loved one, slashing out huge sum of money to make sure the deceased remains happy for eternity and probably in next life. One such example of memorial actions is sending the ashes of deceased into space but that costs a hell lot and can only be afforded by the superrich. But Elysium Space, a start-up based in San Francisco has other plans as it offers Memorial Spaceflight Services to its customers at just $2000 USD.
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China using 3D printed spacecraft seats for astronaut’s comfort since a decade

3D printed astronaut seat

For most of us 3D printing technology is far more recent than it actually is as China National Space Administration (CNSA) has been sending astronauts into the earth’s orbit with 3D printed seats since the last ten years. A startling fact that makes NASA’s decision to make use of 3D printing in space travel a bit naïve as China has been doing it ever since they send their manned spaceflight in 2003. Every spacecraft they send into the Earth’s orbit was in fact loaded with 3D printed seats for customized protection to each of the astronaut on board to counter the stress from high-end G-forces at such high speeds.
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Want to ride the Star Fighter bus? A Star Wars spaceship on road

For those of you who fantasize about Star Wars type travel into the distant galaxies Willer Travel has their own version of simulated space travel aboard their Star Fighter bus. Made specifically to emulate the visual elements that would give rider the feel of travelling in space and that too on board a Star Wars spaceship, this bus is state-of-the-art. There are cockpit like seats, the windows are painted in such a way that it seems as if the vast universe is panning, the ceiling has cool blue ambient lighting that we are accustomed to in Star Wars and LCD screen on which you can play games in which you have to onslaught the space enemies. To control the games there is individual joystick on each seat.
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Space travel destined to moon’s surface for your DNA comes with a price tag of $10,000

Space travel has always been a never dying fantasy for the human race that perturbs researchers, scientists and common man too because of the intriguing possibilities that await humanity in the future. Taking this fantasy a step further the Omega Envoy team, one of the prime contender among many space travel agencies for sending robot to the moon as a part of $30 million Google Lunar X Prize challenge.
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Full-scale replica of SpaceShipTwo passenger spacecraft at Farnborough Airshow

It was just two days back when we saw the world’s first functional jet engine at the Farnborough International Airshow in Hampshire, England. And it was yesterday that the full-scale replica of SpaceShipTwo (world’s first civilian passenger spacecraft) was seen at the show. Richard Branson’s passenger spacecraft slated to take civilians into space as early as next year would be in England for people to see all this week. Read More…

DARPA visions hypersonic aircraft that’ll travel anywhere on Earth in under 60 minutes

Pentagon’s mad science agency has actually freaked out on the concept of hypersonic aircrafts that could make travel possible at the blink of an eye. DARPA is planning to develop a hypersonic aircraft that would ‘enable DoD to get anywhere in the world in under an hour’. Now, if that doesn’t freak you, then just imagine you’ll only take 60 minutes to reach from point A to B in the world. If the project that DARPA plans to spend $70 million on attains the extreme hypersonic flight something that’s Mach 20 (20 times the speed of sound) then we are in for major twist in Stealth technology. Read More…

Live your space fantasies with NASA certified spacesuit

Space Travel is becoming a serious and potential market for huge corporate, especially, after the plans revealed by big guns like SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, and Virgin. They’ll be charging a huge part of your wealth to serve you coffee in space. But, these space travel agencies would need some additional things to make it practical and of course space suit is the first most needed thing. Therefore, Final Frontier Design are offering a space suit for $10,000 and the project is on Kickstarter asking for $20,000 for a boost. FFD wants to provide a lightweight, inexpensive, and highly functional space suit and that too with a flight certification from NASA.

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