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Whiz-kid sisters launch homemade craft to get a glimpse of space

Loki Lego Launcher

They haven’t even touched their teen years and these two sisters already know more about space and astronomy than you would know. Meet Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung aged 8 and 10 who have a passion for space science, and they proved it alright by launching their homemade craft to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, almost reaching 78,000 feet with a top speed of 110 km/h. That height apparently is achieved by a commercial aircraft carrier and it in itself is a great achievement when you consider their age!
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SpaceX Crew Dragon takes maiden test flight, looks on-course for 2017 ISS mission

SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft

Elon Musk’s SpaceX gave a glimpse of their manned spacecraft that is destined to take astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station) in 2017. Yes, the Crew Dragon capsule that hopefully NASA will use to ferry 7 astronauts safely to the ISS. The capsule is made from highest-grade carbon fiber material and alcantara cloth which gives it structural strength as well as resistance while exiting/entering Earth’s atmosphere. In its maiden test flight, the spacecraft did exactly what the SpaceX team intended and therefore helps it inch close to the goal of first-ever commercial spacecraft flight with astronauts on-board.
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Indian start-up eyes Moon Rover mission in the Google Lunar XPrize competition

Google Lunar XPrize Team Indus India

Google Lunar XPrize Team Indus rover

India’s small startup Team Indus, founded by IIT Delhi students headed by Rahul Narayan has won the major chunk of Google Lunar XPrize, a global competition aiming to land robotic spacecraft on the surface of Moon by December 31, 2016. Competing against other established groups who have vast experience in the field of robotics and space exploration, the India’s team won $1 million for the lander category, which apparently is the most complex piece of the rover destined for Moon. The Bangalore-based team has also been short-listed for imaging system and the prize was handed to Narayan and his team at an event in the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.
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Dad builds spacecraft simulator for son, complete with control switches

Kids Room Spacecraft

Kind of things DIY-er dads build for their kids is simply worth appreciation. Just like in the past we have seen some cool DIYs that are right up there with the best, here is another one, done with love by a father for his son. Jeff Highsmith has been working on a spaceship-like Mission Control Desk for his elder son . Highsmith has created a spaceship simulator habitat for his younger son that is complete with real switches and input buttons that can be seen in a NASA space shuttle. To complete the spaceship effect, Highsmith has added sound effects and bass shaker that emulate feeling of a take-off. The only thing missing is the feel of zero gravity, which would be asking for too much, quite frankly!
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Elysium memorial spacecraft provides space funeral at just $2000

Memorial spaceflight service on Elysium memorial spacecraft

Nobody knows what happens after one dies, does the energy take another physical form or we simply waste our time in post death ceremonies morning for the deceased? This mystery will remain an unsolved query but since we are emotionally driven beings, having funeral ceremonies gives us a sense of warmth as we assume that the dead person is in another world all happy and satisfied. Some people go to great extents to show their love and in remembrance of the loved one, slashing out huge sum of money to make sure the deceased remains happy for eternity and probably in next life. One such example of memorial actions is sending the ashes of deceased into space but that costs a hell lot and can only be afforded by the superrich. But Elysium Space, a start-up based in San Francisco has other plans as it offers Memorial Spaceflight Services to its customers at just $2000 USD.
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China using 3D printed spacecraft seats for astronaut’s comfort since a decade

3D printed astronaut seat

For most of us 3D printing technology is far more recent than it actually is as China National Space Administration (CNSA) has been sending astronauts into the earth’s orbit with 3D printed seats since the last ten years. A startling fact that makes NASA’s decision to make use of 3D printing in space travel a bit naïve as China has been doing it ever since they send their manned spaceflight in 2003. Every spacecraft they send into the Earth’s orbit was in fact loaded with 3D printed seats for customized protection to each of the astronaut on board to counter the stress from high-end G-forces at such high speeds.
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$115,000 Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter watch has Apollo 11 moon dust DNA

Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter watch

It is not the first time that a premium watch-making company has created a limited edition watch made from unique material. And considering that it comes from a watch-making house like RJ-Romain Jerome, famous for making DNA watches, this exclusive wristwatch will make you say the word “Wow” out loud on first glance itself. Moon Orbiter timepiece has the moon dust from Apollo 11 space shuttle and rectangular design that is truly sci-fi and fit for trendy geeks. The watch as a flying tourbillion with a three-dimensional architecture and a bezel-free casing that has steel and elements from Apollo 11 spacecraft. The exclusive caliber RJ3000-A watch has automatic movement from La Joux-Perret, displaying time on the right and the tourbillion on the left hand side. To keep up with the theme, the dial has star-inspired geometric patterns.
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Space Whisky: Researcher preparing zero gravity whisky aboard the ISS

In the bid to discover a new taste of the future; a Scottish distillery Ardbeg, on approach of US-based space research agency has blasted unmatured ingredients for single malt up to the International Space Station to see how they mature in near zero gravity. The Ardbeg distillery based on the west coast island of Islay, sent the ingredient along with particles of charred oak to the Space Station in an unmanned cargo spacecraft sometime back in October 2011.
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If Hermes spacecraft dream comes true you could space travel without spending your life savings

I have seen loads of innovative projects on Kickstarter getting a good start and managing to get their ideas into production. But this Kickstarter project from STAR (Space Transport and Recovery) Systems, Phoenix, Arizona based team of visionary aerospace entrepreneurs is one like never seen before. Looking to make sub-orbital space travel (where you can experience zero gravity and see the curvature of Earth) easily affordable for the common man,STAR Systems team is looking to develop the Hermes Spacecraft (named after ancient Greek god of boundaries) which will take on the much more expensive space travel options being provided by Virgin Galactic and Space Adventures head on.
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