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BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker kit allows kids to build their own speaker

boseBuild bluetooth speaker kit

DIY gadgets are a rage these days, and how could a manufacturer such as Bose stay behind in the league. Embracing the maker movement, to allow buyers become makers, BOSEbuild educational division has revealed a DIY speaker. Dubbed the BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker, this is a project as Bose explains, to “Discover how your world works.” The customizable speaker much bigger in size than a regular Bose speaker, features larger components so that they are easy to tinker with. Read More…

Kiwano KO-X Hoverboard uses reliable Samsung components, so it won’t explode

Kiwano KO-X Hoverboard

Hoverboards haven’t earned a good name for themselves in the last month or so owing to their safety concerns. These self-balancing scooters have been susceptible to fires and that has made them a less lucrative option for buyers. Kiwano’s designer Juan Contreras wants to change that perception with a Hoverboard powered by Samsung’s reliable batteries and components. The app connected KO-X scooter passes all safety regulations and will be available in the US market pretty soon.
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Globe creates world’s first skateboard with built-in Bluetooth speaker


Whether it’s a pair of skating shoes or a pair of earphones for skating; designers attempt to make them really comfortable and cushy. Still, when you attempt an ollie, there’s a fair chance the earphones fall off. To let you enjoy your favorite tacks to the fullest while skateboarding, Australian footwear and skateboard designer Globe International in collaboration with Boombotix has created a pair of skateboards with built-in speakers. Giving riders freedom from earphones, the skateboards – GLB-GSB Blazer 26″ and GLB-GSB Pinner Complete 41.25″ create an ultimate soundtrack for your ride. Read More…

Bluetooth speaker with dynamic visualizer gets you in the party mood

LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

There is a plethora of wireless speakers in the market, but only a few catch the eye. A geek wants speaker that can be bragged about and many will envy for the rest of their lives. So here is one geeky speaker which stands aloud from the rest for its cool factor. Elecom Shining Bluetooth Speaker is something that you wouldn’t have seen before for its sheer simplicity and yet its techy feel. This speaker on first look gives the impression of a carry bag but actually it has LED display that comes to life as soon as the first beat hits.
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Gasoline-powered speaker made from scarp plays music from your phone


World’s largest pair of headphones is simply the most intimidating piece of consumer electronics out there. And yes the pair is made from different sourced scrap material. Here is the biggest and the heaviest speaker system you’ll come across and this is again made from locally sourced materials. Created by Dutch recycled-things designer Stefan Bus, who is founder of the Bus Metal Art studio in Netherlands; the badass speaker system called Mega Boom Blaster is compatible with a computer, smartphone or a MP3 player. Simply attach the device to the Boom Blaster and experience the entire home shaking. Read More…

Take Move M portable speaker with you for the next hiking trip

NudeAudio Move M speaker

This one is for serious audiophiles who can’t away with music no matter where they go. NudeAudio’s Move M portable wireless speaker connects to a plethora of devices via Bluetooth 3.0 to stream audio from your smartphone, PC or portable music players. The speaker boasts-off 8 hours of non-stop playback and when it is time to take calls you can go hands-free and do so with its speakerphone feature courtesy the dual-microphone feature.
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Google OnHub router revamps the way you connect to WiFi

Google OnHub WiFi router

Google OnHub WiFi router

WiFi haven’t changed much in shape or design over the last few years and it is ironic how this device sits on the back side of TVs or in dark corners of the room, hidden away from sight. After-all you don’t want it to mar the look of your neat and clean room. Google wants to change that stereotype about routers and give them a new refreshing look that everyone would want to show-off. This is OnHub, Google’s WiFi router that is designed specifically for an urban setting and homes/offices with many connected devices.
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Afterburner Bluetooth speaker adds mega-bass to your phone’s music

Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker hanging

If you like your music slightly louder than the earphones or if you have been looking for a neat speaker solution for tailgating and outdoor parties, ThinkGeek may have a Bluetooth speaker for you. $199.99 Afterburner Portable Speaker syncs with any Bluetooth device and delivers highest quality bass sound with up to 38W of audio power. Quite interestingly, Afterburner Bluetooth speaker lets you take control of your party playlist using nothing else but your iOS, Window or Android device. Read More…

Solar-powered scooter that charges your smartphone and plays music too

Solar-powered Daymak Photon Solar Boombox Scooter

One basic problem with electric scooter is that you need to constantly need to charge them after use. This somehow prompts the user to ditch the ride after some time of use and search for alternative means of commuting. Solar-powered Daymak Photon Solar Boombox Scooter is all set to change that since it is self-powered and comes with a lot more utility than just riding around the streets.
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Ping pong ball-sized portable speaker morphs your smartphone into a boombox

Elecom smartphone speaker

Elecom smartphone speaker

There are times when you want to enjoy quality music from the speakers of your smartphone. But there is a limitation to what your smartphone’s in-built speaker can deliver and what you expect. Don’t worry as guys from the Far East have a very practical solution for you. Unlike other accessories like portable speakers or audio units, this is an accessory that is no bigger than a ping pong ball. In-fact it is a speaker with 1.5 W high power output amplifiers providing you with thumping sound, anytime anywhere.
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