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Explore unlimited entertainment with Playster


Are you searching for an online streaming platform that can give you access to books, movies, music and games, all in one place? How about an online streaming platform that can give you unlimited access to all of these things? Playster is a subscription-based entertainment service which offers users unlimited access to its extensive catalog filled with millions of top quality titles. Whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can easily gain access to classics and hot new titles through your web browser or through Android and iOS apps.
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Netflix Socks with sensors can pause a show if you fall asleep while watching it

netflix socks

Just a few months back, Netflix introduced the “Netflix and chill” button. Now, the streaming service giant has introduced another do-it-yourself project called Netflix Socks. The pair of knitted socks with built-in sensors can detect when the wearer has fallen asleep while binge watching, and it automatically pauses the TV ensuring that you don’t sleep through your stream only to wake up a couple of season later. Read More…