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Boeing Echo Voyager: Unmanned Underwater Vehicle set for its maiden dive

Echo Voyager

Boeing is a name that we associate largely with aircrafts, but the company also makes underwater vehicles. Adding to its fleet of unmanned undersea vehicles (UUVs) Boeing has launched the Echo Voyager – a 51-foot UUV, which can remain underwater for months (that’s a long time indeed). The Echo Voyager joins Boeing’s 32-ft Echo Seeker and 18-ft Echo Ranger, which have been functional underwater from some time now. Read More…

Loon Copter drone is equally agile in and out of water

Loon Copter Drone

Amphibious drones have been in the news lately and it isn’t surprising that people are going to have a liking for them. We have seen the Naviator and HexH2o prove that drones can be of good assist underwater for a variety of tasks including rescue and search operations. Oakland University Embedded Systems Research Laboratory is also heading in the right direction with their agile Loon Copter drone which is equally good in, on and out of water. The UAV looks like any other quadcopter but when it lands on water you realize it is much more than just a drone.
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DeepFlight Dragon is a personal submarine for the filthy rich

DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine

At the ongoing Monaco Yacht Show, DeepFlight have revealed their next generation personal submarine dubbed “Dragon” that can be taken on-board a standard yacht and piloted without much training. This two-seater electric engine-powered submersible can operate at a depth of up to 400 feet and courtesy its fixed positive buoyancy the underwater craft comes safely to the water surface in case of some operational glitch. The $1.5million personal submarine is top of the line luxury submersible that’ll definitely appeal to rich adventurous people.
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U-Boat Worx C-Research 3 submersible is ideal for deep water exploration

U-Boat Worx C-Research 3 submersible

U-Boat is an expert when it comes to submersibles as we have seen from their earlier creations like the Worx HP Sport Sub 2 and Super Yacht Sub 3. Their new researched light-weight submersible which can take a dive to depths of 1,700 meters. U-Boat Worx C-Research 3 is the world’s first transparent 3 man submersible which takes one pilot and two passengers to the unexplored depths of water. Designed particularly for scientific research of never before seen locations, this high-performance submersible has ultra-wide field of vision and also comfort.
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World’s lightest submarine is here for underwater adventures

Triton 1650 3 LP submersible submarine

World’s lightest submersible

The world’s lightest and compact submarine is here and Triton proudly brags of that fact. Triton 1650/3 LP submersible is a three man submarine (one driver and two passengers) ideal for underwater adventure in all its glory. This underwater vehicle weighs just 8,580 pounds and 5.9 feet tall, making it a super light-weight submarine which is agile and maneuverable. Read More…

Another homemade submarine in China, this one just a tad different

Du Xiutang submarine

Chinese farmers and villagers have been building some of the craziest things in their backyard. If you have been following DamnGeeky, you’ll know that building homemade submarines, of all, has become a trend in China’s rural villages. Latest to hit the ranks is Du Xiutang, a villager in Shenmu county of Yulin city in the Shaanxi province of Northwest China. The 53-year-old has created a submarine, which is soon to hit waters if all goes well. Read More…

UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible costs a heart-pounding €1,000,000!

UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible

UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible

UBoat Worx have released yet another two person submersible dubbed as HP Sport Sub 2 after the successful Super Yacht Sub 3 submarine release. The streamlined designed sports submersible can be loaded onto your super yacht courtesy its ultra-low height of 1.36 meters and a total weight of 2,200 kg. The submersible is powered by six thrusters that are placed very tactically for superior maneuverability and control. The user-friendly control via the MANTA controller can be piloted by anyone, making it a very easy to drive submersible.
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U-Boat Worx’s ultra-compact Super Yacht Sub 3 fits on your superyacht

U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3

Even if you have poured in millions of Dollars to get aboard a superyacht, there is a limitation to the way you can enjoy the marine life – you’ll have to be a seasoned diver to relish the marine life to it length and breath. With the purpose to provide every person (who can afford) an opportunity to explore deep waters more easily, Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx has developed the Super Yacht Sub 3. A submersible vehicle, the Super Yacht Sub 3 is designed primarily to fit inside a vast majority of superyachts, opening new prospects for on board guest for deep sea exploration. Read More…

Christmas gift ideas: Expensive gifts for your loved ones

Christmas gift ideas Expensive gifts for your loved ones

There are gifts and then there are high-end gifts that are mind-boggling enough to capture someone specials heart. After having compiled some cool Christmas Gift Ideas since last week, now it is time to add some bling to your checklist of things to gift this Christmas. People who have enough money to slash on expensive gifts will surely have a smile on their face after reading this exclusive compilation of some of the most expensive gifts. Surely money can’t buy everything, but it can buy things that only a few can afford on this planet.
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Georgia native builds a 36-ft long version of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus

Danny McWilliams' Nautilus replica

Obsession, dedication and loads of time on your hand –  56-year old Danny McWilliams had all of these ‘advantages’ when he embarked on the herculean endeavor of building a 36-ft long mammoth replica of the Nautilus. For those who have blasphemously missed out on the Jules Verne classic, Nautilus was the mysterious flagship submarine of the one-and-only Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Danny McWilliams adopted the Disney version of the Nautilus, which was portrayed in the 1954 movie starring Kirk Douglas and James Mason.

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