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British researchers developing super-efficient battery of the future

Battery charging

Time has come when battery power is going to be one of your basic need, owing to the amount of time we spend with our gadgets. The craving to develop a battery source which lasts longer and requires far less time to charge is paramount. Researchers around the globe have been trying desperately to find that magic material which makes current battery charging methods look trivial.
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Flexible thin-film battery is high energy power source for wearable electronics

Flexible thin-film battery by Rice University researchers

Researchers around the globe are constantly looking for that magic material which is flexible, as well as powerful enough to power up wearable electronics that are going to be the trend in coming years. Rice University Laboratory are now one step closer to developing that very material which is both flexible behaves like a high-energy supercapacitor, ideal for modern day wearables. Sans any lithium, this 3D nanoporous layer on poly(ethylene terephthalate) has been developed which is hundredth of an inch thick and can last for 10,000 charge-discharge cycles and 1,000 bending cycles.

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Teenage inventions that are changing the world we live in


While most of the teenagers out there are busy enjoying their life to the fullest, a small bunch of them are always putting their mind into overdrive for innovative solutions to problems the world is plagued with. They don’t tinker around with fancy gadgets or upbeat toys, rather they make gizmos that even a veteran would be proud of. These kids might look innocent but what’s churning up in their mind is for all to see. And what’s important is that they rejoice every moment invested in creating these game-changing innovations. So, Let’s see what these teenage prodigies are doing to change the world we live in, and will one day become the pioneering entrepreneurs that world will remember for a long time.
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Revolutionary nanotechnology charges smartphone in mere 30 seconds

Storedot Organic phone charger

Charging you gadgets in a matter of seconds could become a reality as an Israeli based company has invented a revolutionary nanotechnology which is a collection of nanodots of biological origin which have enhanced electrode capacitance. Add to that the increased battery life expectancy that can survive thousands of charges and you have a battery charging solution that will ridicule all other methods without question. At Microsoft’s Think Next conference Tel Aviv University revealed its prototype charging device called StoreDot that can juice up your smartphone in just 30 seconds using Multi Function Electrode and that technology could be in your hands come the year 2016.
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Helium portable speaker powered by super-capacitor technology charges in just 5 minutes

BlueShift Helium portable speaker with super capacitor charging technology

Taking a detour from the usual portable speaker design, Blueshift has come up with a speaker called helium, capable of charging in just five minutes and giving full six hours of uninterrupted music in one charge. Unlike other products in the market that last only a few years, this portable speaker has super-capacitor that gives an amazing 500,000 charges, virtually making it last more than a lifetime. The speaker is made from natural materials like bamboo, efficient electronics and an open source design that can be repaired and upgraded any time you want. This all makes the Blueshift Helium speakers great for acoustic listening environment and other audio sources.
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Teen invents compact cell phone battery for charging in less than 30 seconds

Fastest cell phone charger supercapacitor

Normally it takes at-least half an hour to charge cell phone battery whether it is wireless charging method or the conventional charging means. Well all that is set to be drastically changed as a California teen has invented an energy storage device that can juice up your phone battery in around 20 to 30 seconds. Eesha Khare aged 18 is a resident of Saratoga, who won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair worth $50,000 for this ingenious invention called as the supercapictor, said that the motivation for this kind of energy source is the inability of current charging devices to achieve such a feat. On top of that the small little charging gizmo lasts for 10,000 charge-cycles which are far more than the conventional 1000 cycles for rechargeable batteries.
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