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Lucid Motors Air – Powerful and luxurious Tesla killer in the making

Lucia Motors Air EV_1

Is it the Tesla killer in the making or just a hyped electric car which will bite the dust when it faces real world scenario? Meet Lucid Motors who have launched their super powered luxury EV at a company event in Fremont, California. This is not the first time that Lucid Motors is showing-off “Air” as they gave a glimpse of the powerful EV at LA Auto Show too. It is evident that the company not only wants to beat Tesla Motors with this future-forward venture, but also have a take on fuel-powered cars from manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes and Toyota.
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McLaren P1 electric supercar for customers under the age of six


McLaren’s P1 hybrid hypercar has made it around the Nurburgring in mere 7 minutes, and now the British supercar manufacturer is bringing its all-electric version. But there’s a catch, the battery-powered P1 electric supercar is only targeted at younger customers, with a recommended age group between three and six. Read More…

Gold Nissan GT-R highlights artistic detail and bodywork to fall in love with

Gold painted Nissan GT-R by Khul Racing Japan_24

Nissan GT-R is one of the favorite ride for experimenting with body kits and paint jobs. But this one is in another league. This crazy gold painted Nissan GT-R created by Kuhl Racing Japan got its first reveal at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The car has intricately detailed bodywork with interesting detailing. Topping it off is a gold plated paint which makes it look like a dream car made for angels.
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VFL Automotive Force 1 V10 supercar revealed despite Aston Martin’s warning

VFL Automotive Force 1 V10 supercar

Former Aston Martin chief designer Henrick Fisker has filed a lawsuit of $100 million against the British carmaker for accusing him of copying Aston Martin DB10’s design. Henrick, who was advised by Aston Martin not to reveal his Force 1 V10 supercar at Detroit Auto Show 2016, but actually did reveal the car. And surprisingly, it looks nothing like the Aston Martin DB10, in-fact it looks more muscular and strikingly beautiful. Mind you, it is powered by an 8.4-liter V10 engine producing 745 horsepower and a top speed of 218 miles per hour.
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Faraday FFZERO1 electric car concept can go 200mph

Faraday Future Faraday FFZERO1 Electric Car

Faraday Future have been working on a futuristic electric car for almost year-and-a half and we haven’t seen it past the concept design stage. At CES 2016 that has changed as California-based electric car company as they have unveiled the high-performance Faraday FFZERO1. Unlike the more practical and already raking up miles on the roads, Tesla Motors Model S and Model X SUV have the bar set for Faraday. Maybe, Faraday Future has a more far-sighted vision of the future where electric supercars will rule the roost.
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Second-gen Ford GT to have Corning Gorilla Glass windshield

2017 Ford GT supercar

Lightweight body made from carbon fiber material

Second-generation Ford GT is the epitome of Ford’s automotive innovation and they want the supercar to have performance that is unmatchable. To achieve this the engineers are going to shed 12 pounds from the total weight by having the industry’s first ever Corning Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield. Yes, the same Corning Gorilla Glass that protects your smartphone display. This hybrid windshield will have three layers comprising of Gorilla Glass specially made of automotive, thermoplastic and annealed glass applications.
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First glimpse of the real-life Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Bugatti Vision Gran turismo show car at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo looks good in digital images, but how does it look in real. Yes folks, that moment has arrived when the Vision GT makes it past the virtual world and gives its first glimpse in real-life. At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, the French car maker unveiled the super sports car, and it looks ever so good in real physical form. Unlike some other Gran Turismo supercars that automotive manufacturers only create for the virtual world of gaming, Bugatti has gone past that road-block and created the supercar for real. That is a special gift to Gran Turismo fans who will just love to drive the Vision GT in the game as compared to other cars.
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Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Bugatti Chiron, the next successor of Bugatti Veyron is all set to be launched next year, but as a bonus Bugatti wants to acknowledge the love and appreciation of its fans worldwide. To do that, the French super car maker has teamed-up with Polyphony Digital Inc. (Maker of Gran Turismo video game) and come-up with a virtual concept Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo which will be revealed at the 66th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. It also pays homage to the brand’s racing legacy and rememberable victories in Le Mans 24-hour races.
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Why in the world wouldn’t BMW want to make 3.0 CSL Hommage R Concept?

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R Concept

When I first saw the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R Concept, it impressed me beyond imagination. And as I learned more about it, the fact startled me that it is never going to see the production lines. Why? Well, because BMW doesn’t want to push it much beyond the concept stage. However, at The Lodge in Pebble Beach BMW showcased working prototype of the original 3.0 CSL with some nifty improvements and a heart-throbbing paint-job.
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Chinese boy builds electric sports car at home in just six months

Homemade sports car by Chen Yinxi from China

Homemade sports car by Chen Yinxi from China

27-year old Chen Yinxi from China has made a homemade electric supercar that caught everyone’s eye at the 2015 Hainan International Automotive Industry Exhibition (Auto Expo in Haikou). Taking almost half-year to build, this supercar does look like a supercar from the outside. He made it for an amount rounding-off to £3,000 and that for the records is quite impressive. Chen who is an automotive engineering student has an affinity for designing cars and although he belongs to a rich family, he wants to follow his passion and create a legacy of his own.
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