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Hottest cars showcased at Delhi Auto Expo 2016

Delhi Auto Expo 2016

At the ongoing Auto Expo 2016 in Delhi, India, major auto manufacturers showcased their production, prototype and concept cars/bikes at the show. This major automotive event for the Indian subcontinent provides a platform for automotive giants to show-off their technology and innovation in design. I got the chance to visit the show and it was a great experience being able to touch and feel the supercars, hybrids and sports cars that everyone dreams to own someday. The event flocked-in a huge number of people, primarily automotive enthusiasts and for the remaining two days of the event, even a greater number is expected to come in. If you missed out the action from Auto Expo 2016 here are the major cars and bikes at the event that turned eyeballs.
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Replica Ferrari P4 is even better than the real thing

Ferrari P4 replica car by RM Wilson Engineering

The famous Ferrari P4 is every supercar collector’s dream car and only a few can boast to have one. Well, add one more to the tally as RM Wilson Engineering of Leicestershire, England have commissioned a replica Ferrari P4 that resembles the real thing so close that you would be challenged to choose the real one if they were put side by side one other. Deemed as one of the most expensive classic car, the Ferrari P4 replica project is one of the best ones by RM Wilson Engineering who are pioneers in restoring classic Ferraris. Made totally from scratch this Ferrari P4 look alike has a ZF gearbox and also has its own fuel injection system. Powered by a 400i 4 cam engine, this supercar surprisingly produces more horsepower than the real Ferrari P4 courtesy a 360 GT engine!

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