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Real custom-made sweaters for drones by Danielle Baskin

Drone sweaters

Danielle Baskin, a visual artist, has turned a joke into reality. A theme that is questionable if seen with expectation of utility- sweaters for drones to keep them warm and save battery in winters or in cold conditions. The maker is offering custom-made sweaters for those who believe in rights and quality of life of machines. The sweaters are made in different parts to fit perfectly on specific models. Read More…

NASA scientist rolls out his holiday sweaters with ‘dynamic’ features

Digital Dudz  Christmas Fireplace Sweater by Mark Rober

A NASA rocket scientist making holiday sweaters? Well, by the spirit of Christmas, why not! Mark Rober, who has previously tickled our geek apparel fancy by creating his special Halloween props, has this time made his foray into the realm of sweaters. In normal circumstances, holiday sweaters are quite infamous for all the bad reasons; sometimes due to your granny’s gradual lose of knitting expertise, and sometimes due to their mundane motifs of reindeer and Santas.  However, Rober’s designs take a novel technological route by actually incorporating your smartphones into the mix. The results are surely noteworthy, with various ‘dynamic’ features like flickering fires and shifty eyed kittens showcased by the apparels.

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