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Interview : Maximilian Büsser, founder MB&F Swiss watches

Maximilian Büsser MB&F interview

They say, persistence and hard work always pays-off in the long run as long as you have the will to follow your dream. Maximilian Büsser, founder and CEO of MB&F is one living example of persistantly following your dream no matter how many hardships you face. Giving a new dimension to the watchmaking industry with his far-sighted vision of making exclusive horological machines, backed-up by intense belief in his abilities, makes Maximilian Busser one of the pioneering Swiss watchmakers. His unique timepieces a
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TAG Heuer smartwatch coming early next year and it’s going to be nothing like Apple Watch

TAG Heuer Smartwatch Baselworld

Come Baselworld 2015 and you could be seeing a TAG Heuer smartwatch stealing the show. Jean-Claude Biver, the head of TAG Heuer’s parent company LVMH confirmed that the Swiss watch-making company is going to go ahead with the trending wearable technology and make a smartwatch. He also added by saying that the smartwatch is not going to be a copy of Apple Watch in any way as it is too feminine and lacks sex appeal! Biver hinted that the smartwatch will be shown-off at Baselworld watch expo in March, but refused to give any details or specifications that would encapsulate this smartwatch.
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TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE solar charging phone

TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE Perpetual Power reserve phone

Revealed at BaselWorld 2014, the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE Perpetual Power reserve phone designed in partnership with French company Sunpartner Technologies is one incredible communication instrument. MERIDIIST INFINITE has an invisible photovoltaic component built into the sapphire crystal screen that produces electricity and hence charges the phone in any kind of lighting conditions like artificial or natural light. The phone has patented dashboard chronograph dubbed ‘Time of Trip’ that is designed originally for aircrafts and automobiles.
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Special Edition Cyrus Klepcys watch compliments the Lykan Hypersports supercar

Cyurs Klepcys special edition watch

LykanHypersport supercar debuted at the Qatar Motor Show 2013 and after that W Motors was looking to partner with a watchmaking brand. Well, so came into existence the Cyrus Klepcys W Motors special edition watch which will come in a limited number of only 7 pieces. The watch which is waterproof up to 30 meters of depth is designed in collaboration with Cyrus Watches, by famous Swiss watchmaker Jean-Francois Mojo and apparently the watch has his fingerprint melted into the gold medallion making it an exquisite timepiece that truly reflects the uniqueness of LykanHypersport supercar. The very unique design of Cyrus Klepcys evokes a sense of calm and style as we can attain from the looks of this hand sewn watch having blue stitching, black crocodile leather bracelet. This watch which is a tribute to the most advanced and expensive supercar, LykanHypersport will display a scale model of the W Motors LykanHypersports at the BaselWorld 2013.
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Romain Jerome’s two limited edition timepieces pay homage to Titanic’s 100th anniversary

15th April 2012 is going to mark the 100th anniversary of the ill-fated disaster of RMS Titanic that never made it to shore and sank bang in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. As homage to this star-crossed event that left behind irreversible emotional memories, Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome is going to offer two limited edition timepieces to make a special connection with the events aboard that legendary vessel in 1912. The two new timepieces called Steampunk Auto 100th Anniversary and Steampunk Chrono 100th Anniversary are going to come in limited edition 100 pieces.
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