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Innovative glass windows are more efficient and enhance mobile signals

Insulating glass windows enhance mobile reception

While most manufacturers are head first into building innovative train cars, a research team at the EPFL University in Switzerland is developing new type of glass windows for trains that promise to be more energy efficient without compromising on mobile reception for passengers on-board. Generally in even the most high-end trains, connectivity is an issue. This is because the compartments are metal boxes and their windows have metal coating to improve insulation, this works as Faraday cage, blocking out microwaves. Read More…

Switzerland to get driverless electric buses in 2016

bestmile-postbus-driverless-electric buses

While driverless cars are only being tested for the future; in what is a first ever for Switzerland, a startup is planning to introduce driverless busses – new high for the Swiss public transport. Startup called BestMile, founded by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) students, in collaboration with PostBus, major bus operator in Switzerland and France, is working on autonomous buses which will start running in the canton of Valais in 2016. Initially, two driverless buses will be introduced in service in Sion for a two-year test period beginning early next year. Read More…

15 spectacular wingsuit stunts that will make your heart pop-out

15 daredevil wingsuit stunts

The sport of wingsuit flying has gripped adventure junkies in the last decade or so for its sheer adrenaline rush inducing capabilities. Your wingsuit and body function as one to create enough surface area to increase lift and virtually fly like a bird. Some daredevil souls have perfected the art of wingsuit flying to the extreme levels where nothing can stop them. In today’s compilation of death-defying adventure sports we take a look at some of the most dangerous stunts performed while using a wingsuit. Sit back and watch these hair-raising wingsuit flights that will bring heart in your mouth!
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Guy shows crazy drifting skills driving a bathub in Swiss mountains!

Hannes Roth bathtub drifting Bergrennen Reitnau

Drifting as a sport is the epitome of car control and skill that only a few can master. Be it performing doughnuts on street circuit or climbing uphill on a curvy road while drifting like a pro. Drifting is something that all want to perform but only a few can pull-off with style and panache. But drifting on a bathtub with a set of wheels is completely out of the league and something that you might not have witnessed so far in your lifetime.
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Cybathlon 2016 for parathletes will put on show exoskeletons, prosthetics and brain-control interfaces

Cybathlon 2016 Powered Leg Prosthetics Race

To give disabled athletes a chance to show-off their athletic skills, Switzerland will hold the world’s first Cybathlon, the championship for robot-assisted paratheletes in October 2016 that is going to be hosted by a coalition of Swiss robotics labs. This high-tech mecca of Olympics like games will have brain-controlled events where the athletes will have to beat each other in racing game controlled by brain alone using BCI (brain-computer interface). Another event would include electrical stimulation bike race where players with spinal cord injury will be pre-fitted with functional electrical stimulation devices so that they can pedal a cycling device around a circular course. Other events will have leg prosthetic race, exoskeleton powered race, powered wheelchair race and arm prosthetic race. In total the Cybathlon will have six events which are going to be attended by people from all over the globe.

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