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DoCoMo C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt is a heart rate monitor

C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt Runtastic app

Docomo C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt

DoCoMo, the Japanese telecom giant has realized the importance of wearable technology and its future prospects, and therefore stepped into it at the right time. Their C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt made using the hitoe technology that employs a nanofiber e-textile marked by Goldwin Inc. (sportswear manufacturing unit). Which means that the t-shirt measures the wearer’s heart rate and then provide all the analysis on the compatible smartphone app.
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Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt monitors health during athletic activates

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

US Open 2014 is just about to get underway and we will see a glimpse of the new revolutionary Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt which defines the epitome of wearable technology in a fashion-forward way. This advanced t-shirt has electrocardiogram and breathing sensors knitted into the fabric which aid in reading the biological and physiological information to give very accurate detail of your current body physics on your smartphone via an app. The Polo Tech shirt has been developed in association with Canadian-based OMsignal who have a team of expert neuroscience sports medicine and engineering personnel at their disposal.
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Tetris T-shirt brings the addictive arcade game to your body canvas

Tetris Tshirt by Marc Kerger

Tetris was perhaps the most addictive game of the 80s and 90s era that captured the imagination of young, as well as old gamers. After the original version was made, there were many different variants of this game on different platforms. Still after two decades, Tetris has not escaped the minds of people and DIYers who want to incorporate its gaming interface in many different ways. One such perfect example of Tetris taking to the wearables is the Tetris T-shirt designed by Marc Kerger from Luxembourg, to celebrate 30 years of the Tetris legacy.
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Get your back straight with anti-slouching t-shirt

Anti-slouching t-shirt

No one likes slouchers and if you happen to be one then it is a very bad habit that gives a very wrong impression about your personality. To come up with a practical solution to the problem of slouching, Meet Up Courte (Parsian fashion design company) has designed a anti-slouching T-shirt sans any rigid braces. The t-shirt has patented arrangement of elastic bands that are embedded into the fabric in 8 patterns in such a way that the wearer would feel the comfort in a non-drooping position only. So in a way if you are slouching the t-shirt won’t feel comfortable and only when you stand or sit in an upright position, you’ll feel comfortable. A very simple yet effective solution to the problem of slouching unintentionally while walking of sitting.
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Silic spill-proof t-shirt let’s you dine like an animal

Silic t-shirt

Spilling while eating is the most irritating thing that can happen out in public and embarrasses you like hell. But an American student Aamir Patel is all determined to change that with the Silic T-shirt that uses Hydrophobic Nanotechnology, embedded into the polyester fabric itself at microscopic level. Unlike some water-proofing sprays and treatments that can give you cancer, this new innovation is sans any such dangers. With billions of silica particles bonded into the fabric, this unique t-shirt forces the water-based liquid to form a 150-degree sphere and roll off without bonding to the fabric. In addition to that the air that forms between the liquid and fabric magically averts any liquid-based beverages and prevent any spillage.
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T-shirt with wearable electrode monitors heart rate sans any electrolyte paste

Tshirt with wearable electrodes monitors heart rate

Fabricated biomedical electrodes that are capable of recording biomedical recordings have been developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) which means that now you can monitor your heart rate just by wearing a t-shirt made from the conductive polymer. The material is coated with a conductive polymer PEDOT-PSS that in a way saves you from using other biomedical electrodes with electrolyte paste/gel which can irritate your skin surface, causing skin allergies. As opposed to these techniques for monitoring your heart rate, the revolutionary new clothing allows electrocardiography sans any electrolyte paste. Made from flexible, biocompatible and hydrophilic material allows this bioelectrode to record stable readings in any kind of environment.

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Toppan’s Virtual Fitting Room for trying on t-shirts of different color

It’s been not too many days since we featured the Magic Mirror virtual fitting and dressing system installation in San Francisco, and now a similar kind of system has been shown off that goes by the name Virtual Fitting Room. The concept model by Toppan lets you change T-shirt colors using augmented reality and a camera, thereby eliminating the need to change clothes to see how a t-shirt color would look on you. One can change the colors using touch screen or gestures by waving your hands. The standout feature of this Virtual Fitting room being, the fact that it handles body movement with ease and adapts to it for showing the virtual t-shirt on your body.
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Is this Prototype Triangle Numero 1 T-shirt made from wood geeky ?

Fashion keeps evolving each day and more often than not it goes around in a circle with age old fashions coming to the fore front as designers want to showcase something different than the usual league. In a world dominated by clothing made from synthetic and hybrid fabrics, French Designer Pauline Marcombe has come up with a new concept for future clothing having wood as the fabric. Her futuristic T-shirt design called Prototype Triangle Numero 1 does look uncomfortable to wear and is made by linking wood sheets together in a particular shape to fit anyone.
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