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Phorm iPad mini case with retractable protrusions for physical keyboard input

Phorm iPad mini case

Mobile devices have dominated our lives in more ways that we think, and the touchscreen devices have now become a usual affair. But these touchscreens have not managed to give the user a physical feedback that one gets from typing on a real keyboard. Thus, there are more chances of mistakes while typing which can give rise to anxiety. Tactus Technology has been in works for developing a tablet that has screen keys which protrude out a bit for a very real tactile response while typing. Although that idea is still in works, but Tactus has come up with an iPad mini case that brings this very functionality to the forte.
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Belkin Lego Builder case for iPad mini/iPad mini Retina

Belkin Lego Builder case for iPad mini

Of all the iPad cases that we have seen so far, none incorporates the fun element to it. That is why Belkin decided to come up with an iPad mini Retina case that can be used as a base for building your Lego structures. The case is made from polycarbonate material and allows you to orient your iPad mini Retina in any direction for ergonomic viewing. The inside part of this case is made from suede material which protects the screen from damage and the base itself is the Official Lego base to which you can add Lego bricks for creativity.

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Mobile device power bank that functions as a powerful LED lantern

Hitachi Maxell MPC-CLT6600 power bank LED light lantern

Power hungry gadgets demand a constant backup for juicing them up when you are out on adventure trips. And also there is a need for a good lighting solution to light up the dark. Keeping this in mind, Hitachi Maxell MPC-CLT6600 outdoor lighting solution that also functions as a power bank is one accessory you want to have in your backpack every time you go on a hiking trip. And it is no ordinary mobile device charging device as it has 6600 mAh capacity, enough ti charge 3 smartphones or 2 tablet devices before needing a recharge. Moreover it also functions as a lantern or LED light that can continuously work for a staggering 50 hours in LED/lantern mode.
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Gerp Grip is pistol-style grip for tablets that doubles as a stand

Gerp Grip for tablets

There are mainly two adapted ways of holding a tablet or a large screen smartphone. You can have both hands gripping the device on either sides (else have one hand lose to type) or can hold it in cockeyed hold – griping one edge of the device and resting the other against the forearm. But with Paul Liniger’s Gerp Grip you may just have another way to hold your tablets very securely this Christmas. The Gerp Grip is a tablet stand or and universal tablet handle that grips the gadget from the underside to let you use it ever more comfortably.

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PQI Air Pen is world’s smallest wireless AP with memory storage

PQI Air Pen

The world’s smallest pocket sized wireless AP class that also functions as an USB drive is here courtesy PQI Group. They have released PQI Air Pen with IEEE 802.11b/g/n and Ethernet interface that can be connected to the internet with a LAN cable and thereafter you can use as many devices as you want to be connected wirelessly to the internet. Weighing just 40 grams it is very portable to carry around and also functions as a storage device for all your files with the integrated microSD/SDHC card slot. This means that you can also download or upload data to any number of devices wirelessly. The retractable USB 3.0 port ensures that there is high speed data transfer when connected to your PC/laptop. The portable wireless adapter can also be used as a wireless LAN access point with the 1 LAN port group compliant wired 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T.

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PU Leather Case with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad mini is double the goodness

So you have got an Apple iPad mini for yourself and now you are on the lookout for a good casing to protect it. Well, look no further as this PU Leather Case for iPad mini with stand function has a Bluetooth wireless keyboard too. This light-weight leather case has a total weight of 315g when Bluetooth keyboard is inside it and measures 143x205x25mm. The Bluetooth keyboard has 130 days Standby and 120 hours continuous usage time after which it needs to be charged via the microUSB cable. PU Leather Case with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad mini comes in two color options; white (CASE11964) and black (CASE11965).

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Buffalo BSKBB15 foldable keyboard for smartphones tablets and everything else

In a world dominated by tablet and smartphones, the accessories that come for them are even more popular with geeks who want that extra functionality and ease of use. This foldable wireless keyboard BSKBB15 by Buffalo comes with a stand for your tablet and operating on the 3.0 class2 Bluetooth version makes it an upbeat accessory to have for portability as well as ease of use in any situation. Measuring 297×95, 5×7, 5mm and weighting 155g, this compact folding keyboard works very well with any smartphone tablet or PC setup; giving you the liberty to carry around with ease.
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Jorno-Amazingly compact Bluetooth folding keyboard for your PC, smartphone and tablets

Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t want to carry a full sized keyboard at all times with you for your smartphones or any other gadget that is the reason why manufacturers have come up with small compact Bluetooth keyboards. But they are not that compact enough that you can easily fit in your pocket so a foldable keyboard would be a really good one to have. Jorno, the pocketable folding Bluetooth keyboard by Scott Starrett is an amazing 3.5X3.5X1.2 inches when folded in the unique 5-way fold method and weighs a sheer 240.5 grams. When unfolded Jorno measures 8.5X3.5X0.3 inches, so you can imagine how compact it gets when not in use and folded. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac OS X, Windows 7/8/Vista/XP and Android OS/Symbian/WebOS the amazingly compact keyboard has rechargeable battery which works a full 30 days on one charge.
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