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Smartphone and tablet stand that is a piggy bank too

Mof smartphone stand with coin bank

Far East is the destination to look for when you want to get hold of some really offbeat gadget accessories. Mof. smartphone stand with coin bank is right out of that league and it comes in handy for two different purposes. One it acts as a smartphone stand and other that it helps you in saving some money. Built in the shape of a cute rabbit, this smartphone stand has a small space from behind, where you can drop spare coins and build upon your reserve quota of money overtime. Not only smartphones but it can also be used to keep tablet PC when for example you need to see a movie or watch videos while dancing to the tunes yourself.
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Gerp Grip is pistol-style grip for tablets that doubles as a stand

Gerp Grip for tablets

There are mainly two adapted ways of holding a tablet or a large screen smartphone. You can have both hands gripping the device on either sides (else have one hand lose to type) or can hold it in cockeyed hold – griping one edge of the device and resting the other against the forearm. But with Paul Liniger’s Gerp Grip you may just have another way to hold your tablets very securely this Christmas. The Gerp Grip is a tablet stand or and universal tablet handle that grips the gadget from the underside to let you use it ever more comfortably.

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EneBRICK is your tablet stand and external portable battery

EneBRICK tablet accessory

For people who have to work on their tablet for most part of the day having a comfortable keyboard to type with always goes well. And to use that keyboard you need to have a ergonomic stand for the tablet that in a way gives you the most comfortable working position. Additionally you need to keep your tablet juiced up too. To get hold of that one gadget accessory that will solve all the above mentioned, EneBRICK is here. Having an in-built 6,000 mAh battery the EneBRICK gizmo functions as your tablet stand and at the same time powers-up the wireless keyboard/tablet or both at the same time meaning that you would not have to connect your tablet charging kit reducing the hassle.
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Multi wallet that doubles as a multi-tool and smartphone stand!

Multi multitool wallet and smartphone stand

Why carry around so many different things in your pocket when your wallet can be your multitool, keychain holder, smartphone or tablet stand and much more? Yes that is right; Multi is one wallet that can solve all these purposes as it is a 3 plate minimal wallet and multi-tool all-in-one. Made from high-strength aluminum or titanium material (whichever you choose) Multi has 11 tools and more to make your life much easier. It can be used as a flat head screwdriver, nested wrench, bottle opener, wing nut wrench, twist top bottle opener, box opener, can opener, smartphone stand and of course as a wallet to hold your money, cards and other things.
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Swivel iPad stand attaches to any LCD/LED screen for that ergonomic comfort

You have a tablet and want to have it at all times near your desktop when you are playing games, working on office documents or maybe having a look at your collection of photographs. The best thing would be to have a swivel arm like rig attached to the LCD screen which holds you iPad in place for easy access at all times. This VESA 100-MR067 LCD display tablet stand is made specifically for 7-12 inch tablets and can be mounted easily on the back side of your LCD or LED desktop display for that ergonomic and stylish moving around of the tablet according to your seating position.
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