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World’s first 3D printed tablet approved by US Food and Drug Administration

Aprecia Spritam 3D printed tablet

3D is the next major technological revolution that will affect not only manufacturing but other unrelated fields like medical science too. Already there are examples of 3D printing being successfully used for prosthetics to give new lease of life to the unfortunate disabled and people who have met some accident. Now a major breakthrough has been made in the field of pharmaceutical industry as the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the world’s first drug created through 3D printing.
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Project Wedge: A dedicated wall projector for your mobile devices

Project Wedge

No sirree, Project Wedge is not a project by your high school bullies! And, if you get over the name, the endeavor relates to quite an interesting conception which allows your tablet (or smartphone) display to be expanded onto a wall. Started by an Olympia (Washington) based company of the same name, the Project Wedge entails a special wedge-like contraption where you can put your tablet. You can then connect the mobile device via an HDMI cable, and voila; your tablet display is projected in a clear and crisp manner onto the wall. In simpler terms, the portable contrivance acts as dedicated projector for your mobile devices.

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Earl – Solar powered Android tablet built for survival won’t let you get lost in the wild

Earl tablet solar powered

When you are going out on expeditions and adventure trips for days or even weeks, the best thing to do is to carry along with you the requisite gear that would get you out of any situation. So why not have a tablet PC that is built specifically for such situations? Here is Earl, the revolutionary new tablet made specifically for outdoor situations like survival in the wild. Powered by Android Jelly Bean 4.1, this tablet can be operated with gloves on, courtesy the flexible E-ink glove friendly touchscreen (1024×768) designed by LG which can be viewed easily in the sunlight and in Lunar mode for night time viewing that also functions as a lantern. Loaded with 3D joypad and gyroscope, Earl facilitates easy touch and motion gesture operation in all kind of situations.
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CES 2013: Octa unviels TabletTail: Monkey Kit flexible mount for tablets

It’s here at the CES 2013 that Mobio announced the ergonomically designed iPad mounts and now making a route for itself in the market, Octa has launched the TabletTail: Monkey Kit at CES and on croudfunding site Kickstarter. Not only designed for the iPad, the Monkey kit is a powerful positioning system for handsfree tablet use. The Octa Monkey kit is flexible and sturdy, and can be easily adjusted to allow the tablet to be easily used in bed, car or elsewhere. Comprising of two components – the Vacuum Dock and MonkeyTail – the tablet mount easily connects to tablets and e-readers using high-powered vacuum suction. Read More…