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British researchers developing super-efficient battery of the future

Battery charging

Time has come when battery power is going to be one of your basic need, owing to the amount of time we spend with our gadgets. The craving to develop a battery source which lasts longer and requires far less time to charge is paramount. Researchers around the globe have been trying desperately to find that magic material which makes current battery charging methods look trivial.
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eBay’s emotionally-powered shop uses bio-analytic technology to decode consumer’s facial expression

ebay emotionally powered shop

‘The Ultimate do good, feel good Shop” – a pop-up shop in London is featuring eBay’s latest emotionally- powered technology that uses advanced bio-analytics to decode facial expression along with measuring other biometrics. The consumer enters a booth that is designed to offer relief from shopping stress during Christmas season. Consumer is shown images of 12 different products on a screen, one by one. A headphone plays instruction is a very calm voice. The customer is required to provide name, email, address, age and gender before proceeding further. Each image is shown for 10 seconds only. A hidden camera located right below the screen recognizes even slight changes in micro-expressions. Read More…

Is Apple iPhone 8 coming with 3D photography camera?

Apple iPhone 8 camera 3D photography

Apple is always pitching unique features in its mobile devices, and for their next iteration the Cupertino giant is readying a complete redesign. Rumor already has it that the company is looking to join the big phablet trend for its iPhone 8 design. Now, another news has just arrived which reveals Apple’s plans to introduce a 3D photography camera being developed in partnership with LG Innotek. Apparently the company is also supplying Apple the iPhone 7 camera.
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Nissan ProPILOT Chair(s) makes queueing a comforting experience

Nissan ProPilot Chair

Nissan has already shown what its iteration of semi-autonomous cars is going to be like, along with other players who have shown-off their self-driving cars. Now the Japanese manufacturer wants you to experience automated propulsion in autonomous chairs. Yes, you heard it right, the automotive giant wants your wait in the queues of hospital to be a more comfortable experience. Nissan ProPILOT Chair lends its technology from the company’s self-driving car tech for single lane driving.
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BBC working on a holographic TV for the future

BBC holographic TV

Mixed reality is fast becoming the future of many applications owing to its ability to traverse you into a completely different world. Holographic technology is also an application of mixed reality where the user sees the mixed reality elements come to life in a 3D interface. BBC wants you TV to be the next holographic display in your living room, and that is what they are working on. Cyrus Saihan, head of digital partnerships at the BBC is working on this future-forward project.
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LeEco Le2S – 8GB RAM phone that’ll put your PC to shame!

LeEco Le2S 8GB RAM phone

Chinese phone manufacturers are making some serious headway when we speak of flagships. I would even go to the extent of saying that they are slowly killing the existing flagships into extinction. That is a heavy statement, but the latest development prompted me to say so. LeEco, the Chinese Technology Company is rumored to be working on an 8GB smartphone model which is most probably going to be their flagship Le2S. Yes you heard it right. 8GB RAM in a smartphone!
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Nivea Men NOSE detects your body odor, saves you from embarrassment

Nivea Men Nose

Many men out there are not blessed with a musky odor, rather one that resembles rotten fish. Alright that was a bit too harsh, but go to your gym in the hot summer, and you’ll want hit the nearest window as soon as someone with a bad odor starts sweating. Nivea wants people with bad odor to realize that they are no charmers and that is why they have come up with a tech forward way to do it. Nivea Men NOSE smartphone case along with the Nivea NOSE app is going to sense your sweat, just like women who have more stench-smelling brain neurons.
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8th grader builds a communication device for his paralyzed friend

Ethan Kadish communication device

Ethan Kadish who was struck by lightning at a summer camp back in 2013 has unfortunately been wheelchair dependent and unable to communicate ever since. The incident has limited the kid’s normal body functioning, since after the lighting strike his brain didn’t receive oxygen and damaged brain tissues. He is currently on road to recovery and only time will tell if he’ll be able to get normal life back. This has motivated his friend and classmate Jacob Smilg to create a device which helps him communicate with people.
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Don’t fall for Erica dude, she’s just a hyper-realistic robot

Erica robot

Erica – A humanoid robot that feels so real

Japan as a nation seems to have an upper-hand when it comes to developing life-like robots. Impersonating human body language, speech and facial expressions is not an easy task and perhaps the ultimate goal is to create a humanoid robot that is somewhat close to what was shown in the movie Ex Machina. To our surprise an extremely human-like robot has just been revealed in Japan and it is downright impressive.
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