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Milan Furniture Fair 2015 – Technogym MyRun treadmill takes fitness to new geeky level

Technogym MyRun

At the Milan Furniture Fair 2015, Technogym has revealed their high end treadmill for the urban users who like everything cool. Technogym MyRun treadmill is designed by runners who crave advanced running experience with a whole lot of personalized programs and dynamic feedback on running techniques. The treadmill connects with your tablet to improve the way you walk and run, to provide a very unique experience of fitness regime.
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Technogym UNITY cardio console treadmill with Google Glass compatibility

Google Glass controlled cadio console treadmill

Technogym, the leader in innovative fitness equipment has come up with a Google Glass controlled treadmill christened UNITY that is state of the art when it comes to high end fitness experience. The cardio console is complete with an Android-based (version 4.0 open API platform) system that has a tablet like display panel for providing the visual running environment as well as other display elements like current distance, speed etc. To be shown-off at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, the treadmill provides a unique experience of cardio workout as well as the ability to connect with personal trainer or friends via webcam. UNITY is compatible with MapMyFitness, RunKeeper and Withings while the Virtual Training and entertainment experience through internet, TV and games extends its functionality.
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Technogym’s ecosystem and ARTIS shares fitness regime online

We recently acquainted you with Technogym’s F1 training machine which is tailor-made to keep Ferrari drivers fit for big races. Now, increasing upon their devices for world of fitness and wellness – Technogym has launched ‘Wellness on the Go’, revolutionary equipment to allow users to access their training schedules, training record, apps, bookmarks and content on any Technogym equipment anytime, anywhere by connecting using a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, PC or mywellness Key. Along with the Wellness on the Go concept, Technogym has also introduced ARTIS – a collection of 30 products for cardio, functional and strength training. Read More…

Technogym F1 Training Machine keeps Ferrari race drivers fit for big races

Technogym F1 Training Machine

Formula-1 race drivers are one of the fittest athletes on the planet and it takes hours of physical and mental training to drive around the high endurance race tracks in high performance Formula-2 cars that are pinnacle of motorsports. The amount of G forces that a F1 race driver has to bear makes them lose at least 6-8 kilos of weight during each race which is in itself a startling statistic. But the question is how they train to endure such extreme strains and hot temperatures inside the cockpit?
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