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Elderly will ditch canes and walkers for Superflex’s robotic-powered suit

Aurora Powered Suit

There are many drawbacks of growing in age, one of them is the difficulty to carry out activities of daily living. In collaboration with industrial designer Yves Behar’s studio FuseProject, Superflex has designed powered-clothing to enhance day-to-day experience for the aging population. Dubbed Aurora Powered Suit, the powered undergarment is aimed at helping the elderly with mobility challenges posed by age and illness. Read More…

Exciting gadgets and technologies expected in 2017

Gesture control future of Virtual Reality

As years roll by, the consumer technology keeps advancing. The speed at which this is happening is so fast that the older generation can’t keep up with this change. However, for the younger generation, this is an opportunity to discover and invest in some of the coolest gadgets to arrive in 2017. We have therefore compiled a short list of what is to be expected. There are hints everywhere, so this list is just one of those convenient things you ought to familiarize yourself with.
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Does cricket need a high tech glow-in-the-dark ball?

Glow in the dark cricket ball by Nicholas Martino

The game of cricket has changed so much in the last decade or with ODI’s and T20’s have changed the pace of the game. The balls used in cricket have also changed with the age old red ball used in test cricket giving way for the white ball in limited overs cricket format of the game. And recently we saw the pink ball being used in third test at Adelaide in the Australia vs. New Zealand test series for better visibility during the dark hours of the day. Now sports enthusiast wants to bring high tech balls to the foray as he has developed glow-in-the-dark rechargeable cricket balls.
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Researchers manage to cultivate electronics inside plants!

Electronic plants

How plants grow is a very complex mechanism which researchers have just begun to understand. The complexities in network of cells and channels that pass water and other nutrients from root to the leaves. In a startling finding by researchers at Linköping University in Sweden, the pants can grow conductive wires to provide communication and power systems for electronics. Leading this research is Professor Magnus Berggren who along with his team have managed to augment plant’s functionality and making them grow electrical circuits courtesy a special conductive polymer known as poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene).
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Making this robotic spider will increase your intelligence quotient three-folds

Robotic Spider STEMI

Seeing robots doing all variety of things is one thing but it takes a lot of effort to make one. Not to mention the invaluable skill that only a few possess in core robotics and electronics. To make robotics interesting, an Indiegogo campaign aims to teach how to make robots and related applications in easy and fun way. STEMI, the hexapod robot is what you’ll learn to make which teaches kids the basics necessary to create robotic applications. Consequently they’ll learn how to make their own robotic machines with complex electronics and mechanics.
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Future iPhone to have shatter-proof display, Apple patent claims

Damaged iPhone screen

No matter how strong a phone’s casing is, the most vulnerable part is its screen. You can apply tampered glass to the phone’s display, but they can only absorb some impact and beyond that the device display is at god’s mercy. Apple wants to change this living fear that we all have with our smartphones and make sure that your phone comes through fine after a fatal drop. With their latest patent called “Active screen protection for electronics” Apple has plans to come up with a device that has retractable metals that pop-out and embrace the screen to protect from damage.
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Apple granted patent for moving on-screen objects by tapping back-side of the iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 touch input patent

Apple is a staunch believer in patenting everything that it believes to be the future of technology. In the past we have seen numerous patents being granted to Apple and now the silicon valley giant has been awarded a row of 38 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which include technology for 3D biometrics ID, iPhone Tapping for games and much more. That is some list of granted patents, but for now we focus on the one we believe will feature in Apple’s next smartphone speculated to be called iPhone7 and even the next iteration of the iPad.
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CamSwarm app captures bullet time sequences from your iPhone

CamSwarm app

Ever since bullet time visual effect was first introduced in The Matrix movie it has become popular. And there is no surprise in that since the effect is so cool, as it seems that time has frozen and one is panning through it. This cool effect however requires a lot of investment in cameras and other equipment. Not to forget the skill required to sync all the camera shutter speeds together. Yan Wang from the Cornell University along with his associates Jue Wang and Shih-Fu Chang have come-up with an app that brings bullet time shooting to your iOS device. CamSwarm app is a dirt cheap alternative to the high-budget movie-making visual effect that can be initiated anytime, anywhere.
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Dream of solo flight inches closer to reality as Martin Jetpack is up for purchase

Martin Jetpack for $150,000

A jetpack 35 years in the making, and finally it is going to be up for purchase. Yes, The Martin Jetpack that we have seen in Sci-Fi movies is finally going to be available for purchase. After being shown at the Paris Airshow last week, it was clear that the jetpack is primarily developed for emergency situations where first responders are fighting with time. Although some rich brats might want to disagree and buy it for their own thrill seeking pleasure. Whatever the reason be, the VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) Martin jetpack will satisfy all your solo flying dreams in the latter half of 2016.
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Apple looking to give iPhone a serious face-lift with uni-body design

Apple iPhone metal body design

Ever bothered what those two strips of plastic on the back side your iPhone are? Are these strips a part of the design or something else? If you have no idea about those two plastic strips, well they are antenna lines of your Apple smartphone that are in place to send and receive radio signals. They are plastic-coated in that area to make sure there is no interference of radio signals, therefore Apple has to incorporate these plastic lines in the design.
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