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Indian 10th grader builds landmine-detecting drone, bags Rs. 50m in funding

landmine detecting drone Harshwardhan Zala

At 14 years of age, most students don’t even think about national security. Harshwardhan Zala however is different. The 10th grader from Sarvoday Vidhyamandir in Bapunagar, Gujarat, India has developed prototype of a landmine-detecting drone for war areas. Even better, the young innovator has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Rs. 5 crore with the Gujarat state government. The deal, in order to facilitate development of drones for detecting landmines in war zones, has been signed with the Department of Science and Technology in Gujarat. Read More…

Teenager builds CO2-powered three-wheeled scooter, and it’s quick

CO2 powered scooter

Three-wheeled foot scooters were known for their eco-friendliness until a Swedish teen created this carbon-dioxide powered scooter, and now this doesn’t look green at all. Taking nothing away from the kid, the CO2 powered scooter you can see zipping across the frame in the footage is made by attaching a pair of fire extinguishers to it, and this thing can really go fast, watch the video below. Read More…

Teenager invents iAid, navigation device for the visually impaired

iAid navigation device

There have been a few inventions to assist the visually impaired live a more independent life and navigate better in their environment. Yet, iAid – a combination of a sensor-embedded belt and joystick, developed by 18-year-old Alex Deans is special and ingenious. iAid features four ultrasonic sensors embedded on a belt that scan for potential obstacles using sound, and the information is transmitted to a handheld joystick, which rotates by itself in order to indicate which direction to go. The joystick can be felt rotating with the fingers, and Alex say “it’s like some holding the hand to lead you to the destination.” Read More…