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Skin thermometer tattoo with sensors to monitor body temperature

Tattoo thermometer

Getting a fever or having temperature variation in the body can be a tell-tale sign of ailment, be it due to anybody injury or infection. Normally when you feel that your body is heating up and dizziness is evident, it means that there is some kind of problem with your body physics due to infection or other inflammatory conditions. To assess the situation you get hold of a thermometer and then get to know whether your body temperature is higher than normal, so that you can consult a doctor for further treatment. But now a team of researchers headed by John A. Rogers from the University of Illinois is all set to overhaul that tradition by developing a tattoo like sensor that can be embedded onto the skin to measure body temperature on the go with utmost precision.
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Analyze room temperature in real time on your PC with Temper USB connection

Temperatures are getting low by the day as winter season sets in you need to keep abreast the room temperature to have an idea of when it is going to snow. That is just one of the scenario of measuring room temperature and you can use this USB drive with in-built temperature meter for other situations as well. Once you connect the Temper USB to your PC/laptop the preloaded software installed from a CD (provided with the package) runs and then it gives feed of the current temperature measuring anywhere from -55 degrees to +125 degrees. The overall weight of the USB drive is 36 g and is priced at 799 Yen ($10).
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