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Tennis racket hacked to play grunting sounds while hitting hard shots

Grunting Tennis Racket

Lawn tennis as a game is one of the most gripping in sports and player’s grunting at the swing of every powerful shot is one of its charming aspect. But grunting also uses up lot of your energy and if you want to have that signature grunt while playing just for fun, this DIY will interest you. Seiya Kobayashi wanted to bring the grunting of players like Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Novan Djokovic to the tennis racket. So, he decided to make a custom tennis racket which emulated the grunt of tennis players.
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SlyingShot – shock cancelling glove that prevents overuse injuries in tennis


Tennis is one of the most popular racket sports played around the world. There are a high number of competitive tennis tournaments, which lead to overuse injuries in players. Musculoskeletal injuries such as tennis elbow and tendonitis are very common injuries due to overuse. These injuries are not only limited to professionals, even non-competitive tennis players in age group of 12-18, are prone to such injuries due to improper and inadequate training and technique. To help players (both armature and professionals) prevent receptive stress injuries in tennis, Tianyi Sun Design has developed SlyingShot – shock cancelling glove which stops overuse injuries from developing. Read More…

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt monitors health during athletic activates

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

US Open 2014 is just about to get underway and we will see a glimpse of the new revolutionary Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt which defines the epitome of wearable technology in a fashion-forward way. This advanced t-shirt has electrocardiogram and breathing sensors knitted into the fabric which aid in reading the biological and physiological information to give very accurate detail of your current body physics on your smartphone via an app. The Polo Tech shirt has been developed in association with Canadian-based OMsignal who have a team of expert neuroscience sports medicine and engineering personnel at their disposal.
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Smash wearable wristband analyses and improves your tennis game

Smash tennis improving wearable gadget

Being a sportsperson, one is always on the lookout for ways to improve their game and perform better in pressure situations. The same is true for tennis players and for this reason Rob Crowder, an Australian-based innovator has come up with a lightweight wristband that keeps track of the statistics and helps in improving the overall game. Smash, the wearable gadget monitors everything from your racket head speed, the amount of spin, stroke trajectory to technique consistency on the court. Overall the gadget is specially designed for beginners as well as experts who want to make their tennis practice sessions and in-game routines more fruitful.
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Improve baseball, tennis and golf game with smartphone compatible Zepp 3D motion sensor

Zepp 3D motion sensor for golf tennis and baseball

Improving your outdoor sports has got even more tech savvy with gizmos that help you analyze nifty little details to achieve perfection. A new entrant into this niche market is Zepp Sensor that helps golf, tennis and basketball players in fine tuning their game with data that makes sense presented in three different games. The 3D motion sensor is designed keeping in mind the requirement of athletes and can be used in conjunction with your tablet or smartphone anywhere, anytime. Zepp motion sensor measures about 1-inch square and weights 6.3 grams which is huge advantage as it can be mounted on baseball/softball bat, tennis racket or golf glove to analyze baseball swings, tennis swings and golf swings wit the help of in-built ARM processor.
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ASB GlassFloor: World’s first interactive glass floor lets you play 5 sports on one surface

ASB GlassFloor is world’s first interactive gym floor that can be a playing surface for a number of indoor and outdoor sports like tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball and badminton. This is possible with the high power ultra-bright programmable LED lights beneath the layers of toughened glass coated surface with anti-skid laminate which means that you don’t need to change courts to play a different game; rather you just have to push a button. The floor is made by German company ASB Systembau GMBH in a school gym and looks to change the wooden, grass, clay or artificial synthetic surface for a variety of sports.

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Dunlop Swing Labo helps you choose tennis racquet by analyzing style of play

If you are an avid lawn tennis player then it is imperative you have the right technique of hitting the ball in forehand or backhand strokes to generate maximum power as well as precision. But how do to analyze your game to make subtle improvements and choose the best racket for your style of play? Don’t worry as Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. in conjunction with Seiko Epson Corp. has invented the Dunlop Swing Labo (also called Dunlop Swing Sensor) which can fit to any tennis racquet and analyze the data from a scientific perspective. The sensor attaches at the bottom of the handle grip and the user has to hit the balls using it. Then swing speed and swing direction is observed to choose the best racquet for peak performance while playing.
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