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The 2018 Tesla Model 3 to feature 250 miles range with minimal interiors: Report

Tesla Model 3
The 2018 Tesla Model 3 electric car announced by the CEO Ellen Musk in March this year is being speculated to be the best EV available currently in consumer market.  Now, some reports are suggesting that Model 3 would feature upgraded lithion-ion battery pack that can extend its range upto over 250 miles in a single charge.  In March, however, the announced specs had claimed the range to be somewhere around 215 miles.  Also, the 17-inch portrait touch-screen is replaced by a new 15-inch landscape touch-screen, as per the reports. The car can accommodate five passengers and can attain a speed of 0-60 miles per hour in less than six seconds.  The charging time is likely to be the same as that for Tesla Model X and S – between 2-4 hours. Read More…

Five takeaways from Elon Musk’s masterplan for Tesla

Elon Musk is heart bent at accelerating the advent of sustainable energy. How truly from the heart, and how much driven by financial motive; that remains a distant story, but for now he seems to have bag full of ideas for the near green future. The Chief Executive at Tesla has published part two of his self-titled masterplan for the automotive and electric storage company. Read More…

Tesla introduce cheaper Model S 60 and S 60D variants

tesla model s

Tesla has again made some changes in the existing Model S series. Although, market is desperate to see Tesla Model 3, but the company thought of introducing less expensive models with varying battery packs. Tesla already has a model with 75-kilowatt battery pack, and now it has re-introduced the 60kWh pack option that it had discontinued last year. The company has replaced its 70kWh variants, which were part of the base models. Read More…

Tesla hacker retrofits classic P85 with fully-functional autopilot module


There are people like white hat Tesla hacker Jason Hughes who like to take challenges and then come out winners. Jason Hughes aka wk057 renowned for tinkering with Tesla cars is back with one of his most impressive projects where he has retrofitted a classic Model P85 (VIN P28xxx) with autopilot sensor and parts to actually make the old version work most effectively. The transformed P85 is Hughes says is a proof-of-concept and a souvenir for his wife who wanted a Tesla that would automatically steer down the highway without having to trade off her prized P85 for a new model. Read More…

Tesla Model 3 pre-orders expected to cross the magical 300,000 mark

Tesla Model 3

Model 3 is going to be the next iconic electric car in Tesla’s line-up of environmentally-friendly and stylish four wheelers. That fact is evident from the number of pre-orders Tesla has received for the Model 3 which got revealed as expected a few moths ago. Starting March 31st the number of pre-orders for Tesla Model 3 has touched 276,000 and with one more day left, one can expect it to cross the magical figure of 300,000. Now that is a huge number in just 4 days for an electric vehicle and it clearly shows the kind of name Tesla Motors has made for itself in the last few years. Carrying a price tag of $35,000 (almost half than the price of Model S) the Tesla Model 3 is going to be delivered by late 2017 or early 2018. The car is 20% smaller than Model S and it will go from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds.
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Your child can now drive Tesla model S for Kids

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids

For kids these days the options for tech savvy toys is far better than what we had in our times. Electric cars specially designed for kids are popular these days and just a couple of days ago we saw the impressive Smart-Kart impress us. Now, there is an electric car for kids that will bring a smile to the faces of Tesla fans. Radio Flyer has partnered with Tesla Motors to create a Tesla Model S for Kids which is great news. This version for kids emulates quite a lot of details from its real inspiration, the Model S. That is very much evident in the design, paint color, working headlights and the charging method.
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Tesla Model 3 coming in March, but only in one variant

Tesla Model 3 sedan

Tesla Motors is going to reveal the eagerly awaited Model 3 sedan in March and alongside that we might also see another crossover car debuting by the EV manufacturer. This revelation comes courtesy Electrek who assume that the Model S sedan is going to have two separate version, one is going to be the basic sedan and the other a crossover. Maybe a mixture of Model S and Model X, but only time will tell what’s in stall for electric car lovers. In-fact as I’m writing this, a new update has come-in that Tesla has confirmed the launch of only one car in March not two.
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First photos of Tesla Gigafactory from inside appear on Instagram

Tesla Gigafactory first pictures

Elon Musk is building a huge factory outside Sparks in Nevada and it is of colossal proportions. When complete Tesla Gigafactory 1 is going to be the world’s second largest building by volume. To give you an idea of its size, just imagine a building three times the size of New York’s Central Park that is how huge it is. The building site is restricted and trespassing attempts have been dealt with extreme measures as a Reno photojournalist got himself arrested for trespassing back in October. However, Tesla has allowed commercial photographer James Lipman to click some of the first ever photographs of the property.
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Google and Ford partner to make invincible self-driving cars

Google self driving car

Google has invested a lot of time and money in their self-driving car project, and like many other automotive giants they also believe that the next decade will see a lot of autonomous vehicles on the road. Living by this belief, Google has partnered with Ford to make self-driving cars to bring automotive technology and their own self-driving software prowess together to create a vehicle which is invincible. The two will create an independent company to take forward this dream and it is most likely that they will announce more details on this at CES 2016.
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