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Tesla introduce cheaper Model S 60 and S 60D variants

tesla model s

Tesla has again made some changes in the existing Model S series. Although, market is desperate to see Tesla Model 3, but the company thought of introducing less expensive models with varying battery packs. Tesla already has a model with 75-kilowatt battery pack, and now it has re-introduced the 60kWh pack option that it had discontinued last year. The company has replaced its 70kWh variants, which were part of the base models. Read More…

Big Limos making a Tesla Model S Limousine and it’s coming soon

Tesla Model S Limousine by Big Limos

Tesla Motors have been delivering what they promised for couple of years now and their maiden EV, the Model S made headlines when it was initially launched and after that too. Tesla Model S has delivered all that was promised and Tesla Motors hasn’t looked back since then with over 300,000 pre-orders for the next generation Model 3. Another news related to Model S is going viral and it makes absolute sense to me. California-based Big Limos has announced that it is making a Tesla Model S Limousine and is currently in the process of modifying the EV.
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Tesla Model 3 pre-orders expected to cross the magical 300,000 mark

Tesla Model 3

Model 3 is going to be the next iconic electric car in Tesla’s line-up of environmentally-friendly and stylish four wheelers. That fact is evident from the number of pre-orders Tesla has received for the Model 3 which got revealed as expected a few moths ago. Starting March 31st the number of pre-orders for Tesla Model 3 has touched 276,000 and with one more day left, one can expect it to cross the magical figure of 300,000. Now that is a huge number in just 4 days for an electric vehicle and it clearly shows the kind of name Tesla Motors has made for itself in the last few years. Carrying a price tag of $35,000 (almost half than the price of Model S) the Tesla Model 3 is going to be delivered by late 2017 or early 2018. The car is 20% smaller than Model S and it will go from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds.
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Tesla Model 3 coming in March, but only in one variant

Tesla Model 3 sedan

Tesla Motors is going to reveal the eagerly awaited Model 3 sedan in March and alongside that we might also see another crossover car debuting by the EV manufacturer. This revelation comes courtesy Electrek who assume that the Model S sedan is going to have two separate version, one is going to be the basic sedan and the other a crossover. Maybe a mixture of Model S and Model X, but only time will tell what’s in stall for electric car lovers. In-fact as I’m writing this, a new update has come-in that Tesla has confirmed the launch of only one car in March not two.
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First photos of Tesla Gigafactory from inside appear on Instagram

Tesla Gigafactory first pictures

Elon Musk is building a huge factory outside Sparks in Nevada and it is of colossal proportions. When complete Tesla Gigafactory 1 is going to be the world’s second largest building by volume. To give you an idea of its size, just imagine a building three times the size of New York’s Central Park that is how huge it is. The building site is restricted and trespassing attempts have been dealt with extreme measures as a Reno photojournalist got himself arrested for trespassing back in October. However, Tesla has allowed commercial photographer James Lipman to click some of the first ever photographs of the property.
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Tesla reveals iPhone 6s and 6s Plus leather case for just $45

Tesla Design leather iphone case

Tesla Motors is making a lot of electric cars with a vision to change the complexion of automotive technology in the coming decades. The interiors of these cars are obviously draped in world-class upholstery and there must be a lot of waste leather that can be put to good use. Elon Musk has put the waste leather retrieved from Model S car seats into making iPhone cases that look appealing. A very nifty idea indeed and great for Elon’s business as he’ll make more money by selling these cases under the division Tesla Design.
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Tesla Motors rolling-out software update for autonomous driving in cities

Tesla Model X_4

Tesla Motors has already made a stern impact on the future of zero-emission vehicles with his Model S sedan and recently revealed Model X SUV. Now, CEO Elon Musk is taking another step towards dominating the future of automotive technology with an update that will bring semi-autonomous driving pleasure to the line-up of EVs. The long awaited version 7.0 software update is going to roll-out on Thursday as Elon announced it in a tweet.
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$130,000 Tesla Model X hits the road; Elon Musk finally undrapes the electric SUV

Tesla Model X

The keenly anticipated Tesla Model X crossover SUV has been finally launched by Elon Musk as Tesla Motors look to venture out on another successful electric vehicle mission that promises to change the complexion of urban commuting. This seven-seater vehicle has gull-winged doors and 6 lucky customers got their hands on the first ever electric SUV that costs a whooping $130,000. For an electric car the Tesla Model X impresses with a top speed of 155 mph and an acceleration of 3.2 seconds from 0-60 mph. and most importantly it will go an average 250 miles on single charge courtesy its 90 KWh battery unit mated to the drivetrain.
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Guy drives Tesla Model S for record-breaking 452.8 miles on a single charge!

Tesla Model S drives 452.8 miles on single charge

Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S P85D sedan has an EPA-certified rating of 253 miles per charge (407.164 km per charge) which is impressive in its own right for EV’s. Definitely you can surpass that number by employing fuel-efficient driving a.k.a hypermiling, but two blokes extended that figure by almost double and forced the Tesla Motors CEO to retweet their achievement. Bjørn Nyland, a programmer at the University of Oslo and his friend Morgan drove Tesla Model S P85D 452.8 miles (728.7 km) on a single charge which is a record of sorts.
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Tesla Motors announcement: Model X SUV coming this fall and Snake Charger prototype makes first appearance

Tesla Model X SUV

Tesla Model X SUV

After the success of Model S sedan, Tesla Motors is now looking to expand into other automotive segments too. The gull-winged electric SUV named Model X has been officially announced by Elon Musk on Wednesday and is slated to ship by this Fall. The all-wheel drive seven-seater vehicle has opened slots for booking and you’ll have to shell out $5000 just to reserve it, let alone price of the SUV which is going to be somewhere around $50,000 and upwards.
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