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iPhone SE frozen in ice and dropped from 100 feet height

Apple iPhone SE ice block test

Gadgets, especially smartphones have to go through a lot these days when we talk about pushing the envelope of crash testing. Youtube users are going bonkers and creating videos that show them going through hell and amazingly some even survive what would seem like a lost cause. Apple have just released the iPhone SE and no wonder it also has to go through the painful ordeal of all the cray tests we humans can think of. This time around it is about freezing the phone overnight and then dropping it from a height of 100 feet to see its break-even point. Does the iPhone SE survive this herculean ice block test? Well, watch in the video that follows and see what happens.
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Nexus 6P is a joke, bendgate test proves it all right

Nexus 6P is a joke, bendgate test proves it all right_1

Huawei Nexus 6P was announced at the Nexus Event in San Francisco last month and consumers have huge expectations from this Android flagship device. Just like some other flagships, this phone also got under the hammer for some gruesome testing and the results did actually surprise me. For a high-end priced device Nexus 6P had a tough time when it had to undergo a fire test, scratch test and bendgate test.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is thin and lightweight, but strong alright!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung takes their testing after making a gadget very seriously and they boast-of it alright. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a premium device that is big, thin and light-weight but most importantly strong enough to take on the harshest of onslaught. Like bending, tumbling down the stairs or Dropping head-on from a height into a concrete pavement. So how does Samsung make sure that it doesn’t land itself amidst issues like Bendgate? Well, they test their smartphones to the extreme and don’t end-up making excuses that the end-user didn’t treat it the right way!
Call it a preemptive move to take on the vulnerable Apple market that might crack a bit owing to the various issues that have come up since the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus or plain coincidence, but Samsung is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to final testing of the product.
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