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Solar-powered fabric developed by University of Central Florida is bliss for wearables

Power storing fabric

With the advent of wearables, the need for battery sources that are small and compact is also paramount. The small size of wearables means the power source also needs to be of comparable size to fit inside the wearable. All of this means a constriction in battery life which is a major roadblock for current age wearables as well as the ones which are getting ready for the future. Keeping this in mind, nanotechnology researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed energy storing fabric.
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Concrete clothing by Ivanka debuted at the Paris Fashion Week 2012

The concept of concrete fashion is here folks and it’s not going to budge an inch as it turns eye balls in the designer fashion world. Ivanka, Budapest-based concrete design company has forayed into realms of the fashion industry with their latest Concrete Genezis collection shown off at the 2012 Paris Fashion Week. Developed after two years of deep rooted research on how to retain the softness of the fabric while making it look concrete hard, Ivanka managed to come up with a new kind of textile that caricaturists the look of industrial material. Designers Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka got motivated after seeing clothing dipped in concrete and then dried to retain that very roughed up look.
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Digital media stored in textiles will prevent any secretive information hacks

With digital media the chances of theft and hacking have increased in the last few years all thanks to preemptive hackers who are capable of peeking into any secretive information and slipping away just like nothing happened. This can be a very iffy situation and Melissa Coleman has a viable solution for this problem. Media Vintage is a concept by designer Melissa which paves way for futuristic electronic textiles that hide away secret messages in certain woven code that is a Morse code.
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