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CommSeal lets you enjoy safe smartphone texting while driving


Texting while driving can be very dangerous and accounts for many accident cases out there. To solve this problem Christopher Danne has developed a device called CommSeal (smartphone accessory) which will considerably help solve the problem of Texting While Driving (TWD). Commseal connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection and provides a much safer way to text while driving as the texting buttons are placed ergonomically (at 10 and 2 o’clock position) on the latch that is connected to the steering wheel. The collision avoidance system/sensors warn the driver in case he/she is texting and a collision is imminent by vibrating the hand unit.
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Brolly rain umbrella with ergonomic handle for hassle free texting on mobile phone

Texting is something we all are addicted to doing when on the road, listening to music, studying in our room or in the office. But when the rain gods come down, you have to carry around an umbrella while texting with one hand holding the umbrella and other one on the mobile. This can be really awkward and tiring on the fingers, that is why a design team from Chicago has created the Brolly rain umbrella having an ergonomic handle which lets you use the thumb and fingers to be used as support for holding the mobile phone. Brolly is made from a very soft rubber material and the umbrella frame crafted from tough ABS plastic which can take on any wet and windy conditions no matter what.

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