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CES 2017: FLIR Duo R thermal imaging camera for drones

FLIR thermal camera

FLIR, the experts in making thermal imaging cameras have come-up with their next line-up of new age cameras at CES 2017. The noticeable one is FLIR Duo which is a thermal imaging camera for GoPro. FLIR’s idea is to open-up a way for people to capture breathtaking visuals reading the thermal signature of the terrain being filmed. You can use it to shoot volcanos, crowded cities or maybe even a raging fire in a forest to report the hottest zones to help authorities take the appropriate action.
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Seek Thermal CompactPRO – Thermal imaging camera accessory for smartphones

Seek Thermal CompactPRO camera

Seeing thermal signatures in the dark has its own advantage, especially when you are searching for someone in pitch dark or maybe looking out for dangerous wild animal in the wild. Or perhaps seeking out the problem area in a commercial setting, like a gas leak. The advantages of thermal imaging are countless and it’s an exciting prospect to own a thermal imaging camera. But they don’t come cheap, do they? Seek Thermal imaging camera accessory for iOS and Android smartphones created quite a buzz last year and now it has become even better.
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Thermocam kit allows you to build your own thermal imaging camera

DIY thermocam - thermal imaging camera

Thermal Imaging cameras were first built for military use during the Korean War. Over years though, these cameras have become useful for firefighters, for surveillance activities, for medical purposes and for investigating crimes. And of course thermal imaging is used for fun too. If you’re from the latter league, DIYer Max Ritter has developed Thermocam – a do-it-yourself thermographic camera that provides individuals, institutions etc the access to a portable thermal imaging platform. Read More…

Therm-App lens attachment turns Android phone into night vision camera


Do you fancy how efficiently snakes hunt their prey in the dark? Well, if you are an Android user, you could soon have the same night vision and infrared heat sensing ability (like snakes) thanks to Opgal Optronics’ Therm-App thermal imaging camera. Therm-App is compatible with Android devices running Jelly Bean 4.1 or upwards and turns them into a thermal imaging camera with enhanced long range night vision and high resolution thermography. Read More…