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Pen-like Thermos thermometer takes temperature with swipe across the forehead

Thermo thermometer

Thermometers that use noninvasive methods to take temperature can be found dime a dozen, but there are none like the Thremo released by health technology company Withings. The new thermometer simply needs to be scanned across the forehead to take temperature – it’s easy, quick and least uncomfortable. Thermo can take reading from up to a centimeter from the skin, so you can check your baby’s temperature even without touching her. Read More…

Contact-free Flo thermometer syncs with iPhone over Bluetooth

Flo thermometer

Thermometers have become digital but they are yet to become smart. Flo by Eddie Cheung of Zeraph takes the opportunity. Flo is one-of-its-kind social thermometer, which takes temperature without touching the body, sync with the iPhone and allows caretakers to share the data with doctors. Flo never touches the body, which means it doesn’t require constant cleaning, and can still provide very accurate temperature readings. Flo thermometer, developed over a period of two years is simple to use. The Flo needs to be placed about a centimeter from the patient’s forehead and with a simple press of a button, Flo can instantly record temperature. Read More…

CES 2015: TempTraq wearable wireless thermometer remotely tracks temperature of your sick child

TempTraq monitoring intelligent thermometer at CES 2015

With wearable technology dominating and reaching its high in 2014, it was obvious that we’ll see a lot of innovative wearables at the 2015 Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Besides hi-tech wearable wrist bands, eyewear and clothing, here is one innovative product that is developed specially for concerned parents of newly born babies and young kids. TempTraq is a wireless soft patch Bluetooth thermometer that monitors the body temperature of the baby accurately up to 24 hours and keeps parents informed through an iOS or Android app.
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Swaive’s intelligent ear thermometer that syncs with your Apple Health app

Swaive intelligent ear thermometer syncs with Apple Health app

A smart thermometer that has a professional grade accuracy of 0.01 degree, is FDA compliant and pairs up with your Apple HealthKit. Swaive digital health smart thermometer integrates well with your iPad or iPhone’s health app and gives the most accurate temperature readings. The thermometer has a LED display technology that reads temperature in a jiffy, all you have to do is place it near the ear cavity. Swaive digital thermometer can adjusts itself to the various members of the family and records their temperature variation trends to seek for any medical help in case there is a problem.
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Microsoft Septimu earphones play songs depending on your mood

Microsoft Septimu earphones

Microsoft Research is working hard into developing gadget accessories that are automated based on users vital statistics and their latest development is interesting. Microsoft have developed a pair of earphones dubbed Septimu that toggle songs depending on user’s mood by measuring the heart rate, temperature and biorhythms. This is done by incorporating a number of sensors like thermometers, accelerometers and inward facing microphone design. Now if the user is smart enough and keeps a track of the music being played he/she can get a good idea about their mental and physical health sans any investment in expensive medical care or coaching solutions.
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Skin thermometer tattoo with sensors to monitor body temperature

Tattoo thermometer

Getting a fever or having temperature variation in the body can be a tell-tale sign of ailment, be it due to anybody injury or infection. Normally when you feel that your body is heating up and dizziness is evident, it means that there is some kind of problem with your body physics due to infection or other inflammatory conditions. To assess the situation you get hold of a thermometer and then get to know whether your body temperature is higher than normal, so that you can consult a doctor for further treatment. But now a team of researchers headed by John A. Rogers from the University of Illinois is all set to overhaul that tradition by developing a tattoo like sensor that can be embedded onto the skin to measure body temperature on the go with utmost precision.
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Casio PRG550B-5 watch with triple sensors is a must have for outdoorsy dudes!

In its ProTrek watch category, Casio has announced the PRG550B-5 watch having enhanced tech applications and features, making it ideal for outdoorsy activities & adventures.Loaded with advanced features like altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass; PRG550B-5 comes as one of the newest addition to Casio’s ProTrek range of triple-sensor time watches. Best thing about these three features is their potential of very accurately monitoring nature’s elements and at the same time being excellently equipped for high energy activities.
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